Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wanna see what people are buying @ Target?

Department: Web resources

I often (too often) fall victim of seeing something cool on somebody's blog that they said they bought at Target, and proceed to run out to see if I can find the same thing at my store. Here are a few sources
of drool-worthy images of Target goods for my fellow impulsive shopping friends out there:

Target Goodness

Addicted to Target


(must have sprinkles wrapping paper...!)


        Friday, July 20, 2007

Maternity War - Updated

Department: Knocked Up

Pregnancy, like planning a wedding, is one of the few times where people know full well that they are getting ripped off, but really don't mind because it's such a "special time." Whatever. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom, but I do not love being pregnant. And I particularly do not love dressing during pregnancy.

My normal style can best be described at Target-chic. An astonishing portion of my wardrobe bears the Mossimo logo, so during my first pregnancy three years ago you can just imagine how excited I was to see the Liz Lange collection at Target. Who am I kidding, I can only imagine how I felt since my pregnancy brain erased most of my memory from that 10-month period. I do recall that I spent a heck of a lot of money at Target then, and I know a good chunk of it was on my temporary wardrobe.

Since my son was born, however, I've heard complaints from pregnant friends that they were disappointed in the LL collection because it was getting too trendy. You could no longer rely on Target for the everyday staples of motherhood's wardrobe, particularly if you work from home (like I do) or are a stay at home mom and don't have to "dress up" every day. The styles more closely resembled what we saw our famous pregnant counterparts wearing (as portrayed in US Magazine) sipping decaf lattes at an LA coffee shop than what our neighbors were wearing at the local Starbucks after dropping the kiddies off at pre-school.

Not being pregnant myself at the time, I didn't pay much attention, but over the last 5 months as my porportions have shifted and I have been unable to locate many of the clothes I allegedly bought last time around (I think even I would remember if I had to spend a lot of time nude due to a wardrobe shortage), I have found myself wandering the ever-shrinking Liz Lange section at Target and experienced mixed feelings.

On the bright side are these shorts (though clearly not worn by an actual pregnant women here), which are the most comfortable shorts I've owned in a long time -- pregnant or not. I will question the wisdom of putting puffy pockets on the rear of shorts meant for women who get fatter with every passing day (do are a**es really need help looking bigger?), but I will also admit that I own these shorts in 4 colors.

The maternity bathing suits are also pretty cute, if you are so inclined to bare that much skin during pregnancy (which I am not).

On the flip side, are these ridiculously long tunic tops that confound me. I know they are the "in" thing in maternity wear these days based on a visit to a maternity boutique last week, but they cross the line between shirts and dresses and that just confuses me. I have tried on a few tops like this (though admittedly not the one pictured) and walked out asking someone, anyone (or no one if I'm in a Target dressing room), "Is this a dress or a shirt?" I don't get it and I don't think pregnant women, whose brainpower is already diminished, should have to think that hard when getting dressed.

Maternity sun dresses that seem to discourage the wearing of a bra also fall into this category. I have seen several like this in-store, but can't find one on line. If you have to choose between a visible bra and letting your ballooning bossoms roam free, the choice (for me at least) would seem to skip that choice altogether.

I purchased a few new pieces this week that I have yet to try (but will this weekend)...
...but for my money the best maternity wear I have found at Target is not maternity at all. It's my tried and true Mossimo soft and cozy tees in XXL. I bought 4 different colors in the v-neck style this week.
They are the perfect length (with room to grow) and are not at all restricting. Plus, at only $7.99 they are just begging to be purchased in bulk.
Update: Loved both new maternity pieces! The dress is so comfortable and I got tons and tons of compliments on it, from people I know and one stranger in the grocery store. I do feel like it makes me look "more pregnant" than I actually I am, but I think that about all maternity dresses, not just this one. This top is great too. It's very feminine without feeling frilly, and it's form-fitting without feeling snug. If they made this in other colors, I'd probably buy all of them!

Rock Out RedCartRomance Style

Department: toys

My daughter who is 3 informed me this evening that she wanted a violin. This is after watching a PBS show about youth violin players. She also demanded that it be pink.

Not that we get her everything that she wants but when it comes to music and musical instruments she pretty much gets it all. Her father is a drummer therefore we have 2 full size kits of his, a pink (of course) jr. kit for her, every instrument known to man including 2 full size keyboards, an accordion and a didgeridoo, however not a violin. She attempted to take her Ucayali and her toddler size drum stick and pretend to play violin but it's not the same. So in any event- I went looking for a pink violin.

I am geeking out right now but I am not alone. In what is a very romantic moment both my husband and I are at our long desk in my office. He is on his PC playing Lord of the Rings computer game (NERD) and I am on lovely laptop writing to you. It's 1 minute till 10pm and we could be watching a movie, doing it, reading, but no we are on our computers. Whatever. Such is life.

So back to my violin search. I got distracted and ended up at I ended up finding this little pink guitar by FENDER. I exclaimed "holy shit a Hello Kitty Fender" and my musician husband who is quite a music, instrument, equipment snob said "wow that is a great instrument for the price". He was also quite impressed by the words "humbucking bridge pickup" in the product description. Whatever that means.

So parents out there, if you have a little princess who wants to pretend or learn to play electric guitar consider the Hello Kitty Fender Strat. Our daughter isn't getting one of these at the moment (she already has 2 guitars, I know, I know) but I just had to blog it. She calls Hello Kitty "Hello Cat". The only thing she has that is Hello Kitty are her "Hello Cat Big Girl Underpants". Purchased at Target of course. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to have Hello Kitty anything - those of you who have been with me since the beginning may remember this.

Back to the pink violin search. Until I get distracted again. I mean does she REALLY need a pink violin? I don't have one.

        Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hypothetically If I Needed A Rug...

Department: Home Decor

I totally don't need a new rug for the living room. That is if it's okay that our current rug (which should not even be classified as a rug as it's a remnant that we had bound and is now covered in various stains and is about only an 1/2 inch thick) looks like it belongs as flooring in a scary van.

Maybe it's just my maternal instincts setting in since we are about to have another baby and I know that "floor time" is essential. I feel like baby needs something a bit more plush. A bit more stylish to have her photo taken on than said: brown. gross. van. rug.

IF I were to have my pick I may choose something like this rug which I found when scrolling through about a thousand of then at I would need something as close to 8x10 as possible....

What do you think? Has anyone ordered rugs from Target? Quality? Not so much? Also what about all of their new furniture? Share at the beep.



        Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Isaac's Fall 2007 Collection

Department: Isaac makes stuff I can wear
I hear the minimalist look is back. That's good for a mom who just doesn't care to be high maintenance right now.

A quick glimpse at Isaac's 2007 Fall Collection for Target whispers "classic" to me. Lots of black, white, grey with a pop of color.

What I've seen doesn't scream at me. Some pieces are a tad bit too "tried and true." Not what I expect from Isaac. But because of its affordable prices, I'm always game for what Isaac has in store.

Here are some of my favorites (Sorry about the pixelated pictures. It's the best I could do. I'll change them out if I can find better ones.) --

I love autumn because I crave jackets! And this boxy plaid one is a must have for me. Very chic.

Pretty in pink, you'll stand out in a crowd with this pop of color. And doesn't like a touch of houndstooth in their wardrobe?

I love this look - from head to toe. The shoes are fierce. And you can't go wrong with a little black dress...especially one in taffeta.

As always, everything will be on and at select stores.


Not cool enough fo GO International

So, the new GO International line is out, and the comments I've seen are mixed. However, I have an even bigger problem with the new Libertine line - it's not in our store!

Apparently, Target has gone from having the GO International in all its stores to having it only in most of its stores. Well, I guess my town is not cool enough for GO International, because our store is not selling it anymore.
It started with the Patrick Robinson line, which I wasn't that excited about, so I didn't really think that much about. I rationalized that it seemed like a smaller line than the previous ones and it was very "beachy", with lots of swimwear and such, so it made perfect sense not to sell it my local town, which is very far from any beach. I was hopeful (and probably in denial) that they would have the next line in my store.

So, I go on Monday, knowing that they probably wouldn't have the new Libertine clothes and unfortunately, I was right. This is disappointing to me because, not only was I interested in some of the Libertine stuff, but I was looking forward to some of the upcoming designers. While my luck with the GO International stuff has been a little hit or miss, I really like that it represents what I like best about Target - designer and innovative style available to the masses at affordable prices.

In some ways, I can't blame them for not selling it at our stores anymore - there was always quite a bit left when it went on clearance. (Except, of course, for the item I wanted in my size!) I guess here in Wyoming, we are not cool enough to handle designer fashion.

Anyway, I decided I really wanted some of the Libertine items, but my only option seemed to order something online, which is scary because I have no idea how things would fit or look in person and I've always had terrible luck ordering clothes online. However, I was determined to get a couple of things, so I scoured the reviews posted on, even looked on eBay to see if people had any of the Libertine items for sale with "in person" pictures so I could get a better idea of how they looked, and picked my 2 favorite items, ones that I had fallen in love with back when I first saw the preview photos.

I will give you my review when they arrive - I'm too nervous to tell you what I got until I have tested them out!

In the meantime, I'll give you my two cents about what I think about the Libertine line - I think in general that it is more grown up and practical than some of the previous designers (fewer miniskirts!) with a little added edge and creativity, but some things cross the line into a little ridiculous, especially the way they are styled in the photos online. There are many preppy or nautical looking things that also have skulls, which I get in theory as being kind of a juxtaposition of preppy and edgy, but really, I just don't personally get why anyone would want to wear skulls.

I'll leave you with a few of the items I'm trying to make up my mind about - let me know what you think. . .

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Target's Goodwill Mission

Department: Greening Target

In an effort to reduce waste (and for tax purposes, natch), Target teamed up with Goodwill Industries to donate customer returns, damaged items, and seasonal items (holiday, summer, back-to-school, See.Spot.Save) for sale through Goodwill's thrift outlets.

This is good news for shoppers that didn't catch the items while they were on the shelves at Target (like this felt covered message board from the 2006 Independent Studies collection). The prices are usually equal to or less than what the item was originally priced at in the store.

(original price: $14.99 - Goodwill price: $4.99)

The Goodwill prices, however, are occasionally higher than the Target clearance price. So you're better off staking out when your favorite collection is set to go on clearance at Target - and show up early!


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        Monday, July 16, 2007

Dum Dum Da Dumb

Department: Bridal

Now you all know how I feel most of the time about Isaac's fit/design etc at Target. As I have stated before he may benefit from seeing a woman naked so that he can understand that we all aren't stick thin fit models.

So that being said what do we think of his new BRIDAL COLLECTION? Has anyone tried it? Does it fit? Is it even more devestating to try it on when you are already a nervous, sensitive, self concious bride? It's devestating enough for me to try on a pair of Isaac shoes at Target as those aren't a true fit either.

I think the designs are lovely but I am interested to hear more. I am already hitched and I just think it would make hubby nervous if I went and tried on dresses for research. Plus I am knocked up so it's just not a pretty thought.

Overall the idea of ordering dresses online that 1. you can't try on, 2. from a brand that you know is inexpensive but 3. from a designer that usually isn't true to size is a Dum Dum Da DUMB idea. My prediction is that this will not last more than one or two seasons. The price is right for a fun backyard wedding if you are a stick and you plan to drink it up big time and not fret if you spill (or barf) your open bar all over yourself so with that being said maybe I will rethink this whole thing. Maybe I am just jealous that my designer gown cost over $1500 and it's in a box in my closet and I didn't drink or eat the entire day because I was scared to ruin it.....


Happy Birthday Jack

Love me a gift card!

So my son turned 5 last week and from his aunt and uncle in Chicago he received one of the best
presents a person could hope for:

My son has no appreciation for the Target Gift Card (I'm sure he will by the time he grows up) so for now, I'll have to be the one to put it to good use.'s a tough job
but someone's gotta do it.


        Sunday, July 15, 2007

no GO for me

Department: GO: Libertine
I went about my Sunday morning routine today. Make coffee. Check.

Grab the Sunday paper. Check.

Stake out a spot on my deck. Check.

Go straight for Target circular. Hmmm. No circular?

So to get my red box fix, I went online and saw that the GO: Libertine line is now out.

While many of the outfits looked a bit young for my old more mature tastes, there were a few that looked fab. There's a little bit for everyone -- urban chic, coastal, goth.

That was, until I enlarged the photos.

I LOVE this look.

...until I saw that there are 'nautical' skulls next to the embroidered whales.

The same went with this outfit and this one.

I like this one but on my 5 foot 4 inch frame, I think I'd be drowning in it.

Looks like I'll be going past this GO designer. What do you all think?

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