Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Do you have GO?

We just love all of you so much and appreciate you spilling the beans to us or telling us of a great find at Target. Recently we got an email from a very excited STT who is jumping up and down about Target's new-ish decision to feature 90 day rotations of guest designers. Wow, 90 days so um does that mean that when the designer surfaces and all their items are new we will know to wait 89 days and then buy everything on clearance? Yoo Hoo Target- we are smart, don't forget and we are ruthless about those little red tags.

Either way I am stoked. First up is Luella Bartley designer extraordinaire. Famous for her handbag that rocked pop culture a year or so ago and is still a hot list item. Maybe we will get a leatherette version at Target?

photo: neiman marcus

Checkout info on "GO" HERE If you are a total spazafashionsta (yes I made that word up) you can get email or text alerts when new designers hit the shelves. HERE

        Monday, January 23, 2006

Do you ever think that maybe there are just too many choices?

I do.

I get sucked in, especially online. I could sit for hours and look at the Target website but see something I like, go back the next day and it's no where to be found. It boggles my mind. Either their navigation stinks or they are uploading and deleting items while I am getting my beauty sleep.

For instance. Want a black tote to throw your crap in? Use as a mag rack or something? Which are you going to choose?

This one?

No, no, this one for sure....

Nope, it's this one..... I think.

See what I mean. For gosh sakes people it's a black box covered in leather. Leave it to my love Target to make it a life altering decision for me.

        Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo To You

Are you accustomed to being awakened by a rooster? A cow? Or a pig? I can’t say yes for myself, but if you are or would like to be, check out these alarm clocks. Target offers these playful old-fashioned alarm clocks in three designs, a rooster, cow and pig. Each clock makes the sound of the animal printed on the face of the clock when the alarm goes off. As for me I may not use them as my alarm, I have my toddler for that one, but they would make a good-humored addition to his room or any room.