Thursday, May 04, 2006

Coffee Snob?

Department: Love It

I LOVE coffee. I drink coffee all day. Coffee is my crack. This is why I think that this little product is funny. I adore little games like this to play with my friends around the coffee table. Heh- coffee table, I am hysterical. I also love my desperate housewives tarot card game. It's funny to play it with your parents....

Treat the coffee connoisseur within to extra java knowledge with these laminated question and answer trivia cards

Tara Jarmon

Department: For Skinny Girls

My inside sources tell me that the new Tara Jarmon line is for skinny girls only, this is yet to be determined as I have to get my fat A$$ to a Target and try some stuff on, but hey, if we can't wear her clothes we can still wear her cool dot bags and headbands!!! I like them, they are really cute.

What do you think of the new line? Have you tried it?

        Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sellin' Out

Department: News Ramblings

Wow, I love a sell out. I would be a huge sell out with this blog-too bad no one has offered me the book deal, guest spot on the Today show or any of those things that usually go with the term "sell out". Target is a Sell Out though- they are sellin' out to the fads and the faddiest store ever, Shop Intuition.

Blah. All I ever hear about Intuition is that it's a shoe box of a store with horrible web customer service. You wait like years for your stuff to arrive if you order online, by the time you get it the faddy thing you bought is out of style.

According to BrandWeek mag, a tip sent in from a reader, Target is selling a line of designer wear at Intuition. Hmm...

The collection will include designer handbags by Jaye Hersh, denim by Jaye and Co., fine jewelry by Lizzie Scheck Jewelry, accessories by Madeline Beth, fashion tops by Mighty Fine and cashmere by Raw-7. Pieces in the collection, which will range in price from $25 to $3,000, all will incorporate the designer's interpretation of the bulls-eye. - BrandWeek

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