Saturday, December 10, 2005

Oh I Have Really Done IT Now...

$330.00 poorer tonight. More details to come when I can bare to look at my receipt. All that I remember are Thomas O'Brien Christmas Ornaments. The rest is a blur.

Skincare for the Chef

I admit it, I’m not a chef, nor do I even cook, so I wouldn’t know the anguish of having fishy smelly hands. But I could imagine it … yuck. If the chef in your life is tired of having garlic fingers, give them the Chef Yossi Personal Care set. It’s a line of skincare products for professional and gourmet chefs. They were created to eradicate stubborn food odors such as garlic and fish. The antibacterial sanitizers protect your hands from kitchen borne germs and pathogens. These products are soothing and non-drying to your hands. Visit to pick up these skincare products for the professional foodie in you or like me, one you know.

        Thursday, December 08, 2005

This looks fun

What a fun idea! Make your own notecards! I likey- and they are on sale!

This would be a good gift solution for the person on your list who has it ALL or the person on your list who never writes a thank you note.....

Fiorucci at Target

Target is currently featuring Italian designer Elio Fiorucci’s holiday collection for a limited time. Choose from lovely apparel, handbags and accessories. Of course these fabulous items are offered at way affordable prices. Check out my favorites like the Fiorucci Tiered Skirt in ebony shown above.

Fiorucci Canvas Bag with Pins - Tango Orange

Fiorucci Pin Up Cowgirl Tee - Chinese Red

Fiorucci Navy/White Stripe Canvas Belt

        Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mark McGwire on the Wall

Now I’m not a huge fan of baseball but I’m sure this 1985 Topps Uncut Baseball Card Sheet is an essential piece for the avid collector. What makes this a terrific investment as well is that the sheet contains the rare Mark McGwire Team USA card. This card is widely considered to be Mark McGwire’s rookie card, a magnificent find in itself. The entire sheet is double framed and matted, then encased in Plexiglas. That way it can be enjoyed and envied from both sides.

So if you know of any big baseball fans and have four benjamin’s to burn, then check out the 1985 Topps Uncut Baseball Card Sheet from

        Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pop Art Toasters

Not one to just have plain toast? Then how about the Pop Art Toaster to start your holiday season off? This model of the Pop Art Toaster comes with 6 Holiday Theme Designs. The holiday art plates are interchangeable and will brand the holiday designs right onto your toast. The six holiday plates feature Santa Claus, snowman, “Merry Xmas”, Christmas tree, stocking patterns, and Santa’s hat. The toaster features 13 toasting levels and a reheat/frozen level. also offers Pop Art Toasters with varying designs such as “LUV U”, flower, smiley face, sunshine, cake, coffee cup and many more. Check out these toasters at as they are currently marked down. The toasters would make an ideal holiday gift.

        Monday, December 05, 2005

SoHo Photos

Here’s a great alternative to storing those photos you can’t figure out where to display them. We have the SoHo Photo Bracelets from Target’s Red Hot Shop. This wide bracelet cuff is made out of synthetic leather. You slip your photos in between the cuff’s layers. This layered design makes it simple to swap photos in and out.

There are four styles available in varying colors and number of photos. Each color and style sold separately. Visit to pick up this hip accessory for yourself or as an amazing holiday gift.

        Sunday, December 04, 2005

I scored the coveted items...

Black boots and gaucho pants.

So for a while STT's everywhere have been talking about the black gaucho pants which were mysteriously on the Target site, then off and the kitten heel tall boots that were on but sold out. So I went to my local Target in search of these items, scored both and here is what I think, if you care.

Boots: I know that you get what you pay for so that being said my reaction to these is "ho-hum". The kitten heel is almost too low, or the slant of the foot is not right or something because I feel funky in them, the calf/zipper is pleasantly generous to fit my muscles but the calf doesn't stay up and walking around in them for a few hours hurt my ankle bone big time.

Out of stock on the site but I found them in the store:

Pants: Shown with the most haneous of shoe choices in the picture below, these gaucho pants are a winner for $12.99. Love them for lounging and yes occasionally leaving the house. Please do me a favor and do not ever wear shoes like this with these pants. Or rather- at all. What is this 1992? I feel like I am on the set of 90210.