Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Whatcha Doin' On Friday?

We have received a bunch of emails in our Target mail box this morning about the super secret Black Friday shopping list leak. A super secret no more!! Thanks to Jenn and Spazeboy to name a few STT who filled us in.

Black Friday specials at Target (and many many other retailers).

I am sure that since this got out that some retailers may change their ads so be warned. Get out, go shopping and have fun! I have to run, this typing is ruining my Thanksgiving manicure.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. What am I thankful for you ask? My family, my business, my friends and oh yeah- Target!

Tuck In & Wake Up with Target

Don't over sleep on the biggest shopping day of the year. You know the saying, "You snooze…you lose". What you will lose out on is the numerous savings you'll find at your local Target store.

Get your Tuck-In and Wake-Up Calls from the characters of your choice by completing the registration form online; and make sure you follow the instructions on the registration confirmation page to authenticate your phone number.

I've chosen to have Kermit wake me up ...

and have the sheep tuck me in the night before.

Sweet dreams, Target shopper!

        Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Indulge in Luxe

Faux Suede Fur Jacket - Pink

Indulge yourself or that special female someone with an item from Target’s Luxe Collection. Here are just a few items waiting for someone to splurge on. Go to to shop early for the holidays!

Target Limited Edition Leather Gloves with Beaded Cuffs

Isaac Mizrahi Long Sleeve Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

Isaac Mizrahi Satin Tuxedo Collection

Deluxe Silk Pajama Collection

Target Limited Edition Beaded Handbag

        Monday, November 21, 2005

Savvy Travel

I’ve only been out of the country a few times and know how messy it was to stuff European currency in my pretty pink wallet. They never seemed to quite fit.

Next time I’m planning a trip overseas I want to bring this Lug Travel Wallet. This stylish traveling accessory comes in 5 colors and its oversized dimensions means you have a place to stash your yen, euros, pounds and pesos. The wallet has an elastic wrist band for easy traveling. There are mesh zip pockets inside to stockpile your passport and other important documentation. It also comes with sections for credit cards, tickets, and a pen. How handy!

But wait ... In looking at this wallet more and more I think I just want to get one and use it as an everyday accessory. You can put it in your diaper bag [like me] or in a backpack if you’re a student. Think of the possibilities. Visit the Red Hot Shop at to see this item and their other “Red Hot” stuff.