Thursday, June 08, 2006

Freaking Blogger

Department: UGH

Sorry Blogger, cover your ears (eyes) but what the frick? I haven't been able to blog in a day or so and UGH.

I have had some great emails while away- of course my fans rule and they have been sending me links to Defamer who is talking about Pacino at Target- so cute he must have been running all around the store. He is a tiny cute man. A comment was made on Defamer that the Pacino/bullseye is the best.graphic.ever but they are wrong, the best.graphic.ever is my handcuffs with Michael Graves key dammit. thanks Christopher Green!

Also, other fun things are happening:

Target has a BFF section now- it makes me wish I was 10 years old


and the sleeves on my Tara Jarmon puff sleeve shirt are ripping so double UGH

I did however spend $115 at Target the other day on Napoleon Dynamite magnets, a mod stool for the kid and paperclips.

        Monday, June 05, 2006

Flippin' Sweet

Department: $1 section whore

I love the $ section but lately I have been ho-hum about it. Right now I am just a giant HO about it as they have Napoleon Dynamite magnets!! Oh and pens, and pads and more magnets and pads and ugh it's the best.

I am pretty much certain that he's my soul mate.

checkout your $1 section for all of your ND gear. Oh I forgot, they have wrist bands!!!! Sweatcuffs for dancing.

My favorite magnet is "I like your sleeves they're real big"- ND