Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reusable Shopping Totes- MIA

Department: Eco- Friendly

An email just came into my STT box!

Please help if you can- seems this die hard Target lover wants to buy some more of the reusable Target shopping bags but they are MIA.....

"I have several of the red reusable shopping bags from Target. My favorite is the flat bottomed shopper version. I can't seem to find them in my stores any longer. They only have the 99cent bag and the $5 canvas bag. Any idea how to get them? They are not available online.


        Friday, March 13, 2009

Junk In My Trunk

Department: Storage

We have 2 kids. They have lots of junk. It trickles down to the family room or we just keep some there anyway so that they can have lots of toys around that they never play with. Instead they like to play with cell phones, remote controls, Wii controllers, and turn lights on and off. I often threaten to give their toys away but I am too lazy. So I think we need a trunk. A nice one that blends in with the rest of our furniture and that will hide the mess.

There is also something about a trunk with kids. When they open them and pull toys out they seem to get more excited because it is like an endless mystery. This one is at a great price for the size/style!

What do you think? Anyone have it? My concern is the kids scratching themselves on it but other than that it looks pretty good!

        Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Daily Stroll Is Coming Back

Perhaps you were/are a fan of the DailyStroll? Well it has a facelift and is coming back! Sign up here-

Even if you were a subscriber in the past your subscription needs to be renewed. You will not automatically start getting the articles so please sign up and have a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Tiny Sprouts!

Hurry, we start strolling MONDAY! thanks

        Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grey Boots Brighten Up A Grey Day

Department: Shoes

Grey, Gray? Not really sure which way to spell it, Never have been. All I know is that I am pretty obsessed with the color these days. That and yellow. Contrast much? Sign of manic behavior? Sunny/cloudy/sunny/cloudy- that's me!

Anyway- it's Grey outside today and where I live it is looking like it will be for the rest of the month. Well the only way I see to brighten things up is to get a new pair of shoes!

How about these wellie boots? They were made for puddle jumping! The price is right so if you are loving one of the other colors just as much- get two pair!

        Monday, March 09, 2009

Yesterday I Only Spent $56

Department: Red Cart Romance

I can't believe I made it out of Target yesterday without hitting the $100 mark. This is mainly because after 8 months of living in our new town and having to re-adjust to a new Target layout I still don't have my groove and don't have the same joy I used to.

My local Target leaves a little bit to be desired. I am not sure why. I just feel like it doesn't have as much cool stuff as my old Target and the set up is reversed so I always get lost and by the time I find the diapers and essentials I need to leave. A money saving tip I have developed is to bring both kids. One in the front of the cart who can't be trusted with any un-purchased merchandise in her grasp and the other in the large part of the cart. She insists that everything is crushing her so it leaves little room for large impulse buys like bedding, furniture, art etc.

Yesterday we had a few things on the list and of course with my mommy-brain the ONE thing I was excited about getting, I forgot to add to the list therefore we forgot it all together. I wanted to get the baby a potty. She is 19 months but I think she wants to start trying it out.

What did we get?

-PediEgg- Yes I succumbed to the infomercial peer pressure and bought it when I saw it at checkout
-Diapers- LOVE Target diapers- can't stand anything else
-Method air freshener refill, only to get home and forget where I put then dang part that you plug into the wall. F!
-Pet Hair removery thingy by Scotch brand
- Refills for pet hair remover thingy
-Pet hair lint rollers

that's it! So lame. Oh and at the $1 spot (which I always hit first) we got a Marvel Spiderman notebook. I like to get the bribery out of the way in the beginning. That way the 4 and a half year old has to stare at her prize the entire way through the store with the threat of it going back if she is not good.

BTW- Nobody has anything to say about the Chaia Mocs? Seriously? That adds to the consipriacy. Interesting....