Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hot Yellow With A Mellow Price Tag

Department: Handbags

For the last couple spring seasons I have been a big fan of yellow in handbags and shoes. I was excited and relieved when I opened up the May issue of Cookie Magazine and saw this slouchy hobo from Target (only $23) as a seasonal suggestion for busy however stylish moms. Like me.

I checked it out in the store live and in person and it is a great bag for the price. It does have the "patent leather" glow to it but in my opinion that makes for a great bag when you are just running around town daily with your kids in tow. Kids (and scatter-brained) moms have been known to draw accidentally on their handbags with pen, dump snacks and milk on them etc., and this bag will recover well, and if it doesn't- it was only $23. Bonus- it is lined in a vibrant purple which is sure to lift your spirits every time you open it up! It is pretty over sized so it would accommodate a diaper + wipe case, a sippy cup and your wallet and other essentials.

If you are "over" yellow and would prefer Apple Green or Black, this bag comes in those colors too! I have to say, I love how Target is offering their classic pieces in more color choices.

        Monday, April 27, 2009

Ugh My Mudroom


I try really hard to keep our mudroom/laundry room a sane environment. With all of the little shoes, big shoes, briefcase, laundry etc it is very hard. I am thinking of solutions.

Does anyone have this? Opinions?

Oh and coming soon, more photos from my last trip to Target! Stay tuned.