Friday, October 05, 2007

What you get for the money.

Department: Kids Stuff

I have an aversion to paying much money for my kid's clothes. He's a toddler. He's a he. He doesn't care how much something cost or what the brand name is. Plus, he's going to ruin it anyway by spilling something or falling or whatever boys do that causes them to not be able to keep a single piece of clothing clean. As a result, much of his wardrobe bears the Circo and Cherokee labels.
I recently visited Target to stock up on cool-weather wear for him, since at this age he requires a new wardrobe every season. And when I saw these cute warm-up looking pants for only $6.99, I walked right past the Osh Kosh rack and grabbed as many as I could in his size. (Which by the way, always seems to be very lacking. Whatever size he has been, that's the size in which they seem to have the fewest choices -- weird... but I digress).

I picked up two pairs, along with coordinating long-sleeve t-shirts (and several other items of clothing -- probably one of everything they had in the under $10 price range -- ugh! I hate that I can't control myself at Target -- it must be the logo, it's hypnotizing or something...but anyway).

Now, I should tell you that my boy is pretty tall for his age, but also very skinny, so I was particularly attracted to the draw-string aspect of these pants since they are generally much too big around the waist if they fit him lengthwise. But guess what... It's all for show. That string doesn't do anything. It's just attached on both sides about 2 inches in, for what reason, I don't know. Decoration? Really?

I guess I shouldn't expect master construction at $6.99 and they do seem like they will be very durable and comfortable for him, so I'd still consider them a great deal. Just don't be fooled by the faux-drawstring if you're looking to outfit your toddler boy.

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