Monday, August 07, 2006

Our Blog quoted in the San Fran Chronicle

Department: Press Attention

I love media attention, I am a big old whore for it. Most recently we were quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle in an article regarding dollar stores and dollar spots. Ironically the Target dollar spot changed right about the time that this article went to press but it's a great article and other than the fact that they mispelled my "name" it's all good!

Here is the article, I am sorry I forgot to post about this a couple of weeks ago when it came out. My new cybercrush "M" wrote me to tell me I was quoted and it reminded me to post the link.

He is my cybercrush because I have never had a guy write me such a long and in detail email before about his love for the red cart. He also loves the trestle desk and it took him forever to get one. I got impatient and built my own desk but that is another story.

So here is the article from the SF Chronicle:

Paul & Joe Store Pics

Department: GO International

My peeps told me about a great post on NOTCOT about the Paul & Joe store designed especially for this launch of the Paul & Joe line at Target.

Checkout NOTCOT for the pics and more info