Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rack 'em up

Department: Getting Organized

We (ok I) have a lot of shoes. This love is spreading down to the girls and they have just a few too many pairs each. Hey- everyone has to have a passion right? Miraculously my husband survives with 2 pairs of shoes. He may just be trying to make us all look silly.

I need a system but I am not finding anything that I like. I was looking at this because the other 2 white ones like it are SOLD OUT. Why Target.com- why even bother listing product that is sold out? Ridiculous. Does anyone have it? Chime in. thanks


Sugar? Salt? There is a difference people

Department: STT Reader Mail

A fan wrote in.....

"So, today I made my fave breakfast, that being Market Pantry low sugar apples & cinnamon oatmeal. And when I went to eat it, got a mouthful of what tasted basically like salt. I thought it was just me, but my co worker took a tiny taste and sure enough, it was like someone had poured salt into my bowl. This has actually happened one previous time and I wondered: has anyone else had this issue?? Strange..! Someone randomly mixing up sugar and salt at the factory? I didn't bother emailing target because, well, who cares, right? I'm just curious if you or maybe any of your readers have had this issue?"

Anyone? Target employees care to share?