Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best. T-shirt. Ever.

Department: One in every color

Working from home, my wardrobe leans toward the very, very casual. But I've had a hard time finding comfortable, well-fitting, muffin-top hiding t-shirts. I have several OK ones from Target, but I always have to buy them a size or two bigger than I normally wear or resort to pricier, supposedly higher-quality tees from places like J. Jill. Until I stumbled upon this little beauty, which a couple weeks ago.

The Merona Slub Tee is seriously one of the best t-shirts I've ever owned. It's got a unique texture, which makes it different than your average tee, plus a great length. Mine hit me right below the hips, which is perfect if you ask me. Not long enough to be a tunic and not so short that it's going to ride up and expose the pooch. The cut is very flattering and the non-white colors are somewhere between tissue- and knit-weight, making it perfect for hot summer days. The white feels a little thinner than the others, but certainly not see-through.

Two weeks ago, it was in the Sunday circular for $7 and stayed on sale through at least part of the following week because I purchased two -- one white and one black -- the first week and went back early the following week and got two more -- another black and that purply color above -- still for only $7. Regular price they are only $9.99.

I'm not sure what a slub is exactly, but I like their t-shirts!