Saturday, July 28, 2007

Celebrities.... They're just like us!

Department: Hip and Happening

Not only am I a Slave to Target, I am also a Slave to Cheesy Gossip-Mongering Websites. So, imagine my delight when I happened upon a recap list of juicy headlines and found one about a celeb shopping at Target.

Just In! Rachel Bilson Shops at Target!

The originating website is as cheesy as they come and I don't frequent it often... and I'll probably go even less now considering how flipping snarky they are about Target in their copy. But, I love to see a "famous" person lugging around the Santa-sized bag!!!

In case you didn't know, Rachel Bilson is on The O.C., which I don't watch but I do know her through my gossip addiction.

What Goes Together Better Than Whales & Skulls

Department: GO Designers

Well according to InStyle Magazine's Makeover issue that I received last week in my mailbox Skulls are OUT for Fall. So then why are they showing Libertine's Skulls & Whales weekender bag in their issue as well? Who knows. Oh yeah, that is right because Skulls really do rock- it's undeniable.

Maybe I am biased since I am a Tri-Sigma (that is a sorority) and to us Tri-Sigs -skulls mean something. So that being said I love a good skull motif. I also love a good whale motif. Put them together on a navy canvas tote and I am excitedIt's all very 'Pirates Take Nantucket' to me. LOVE it.

        Wednesday, July 25, 2007

is it true?

Department: hot gossip
I heard that the Next Food Network Star, Amy Finley, wore this Libertine for Target dress to the reality show's finale!

I didn't see the show so I can corroborate this tidbit.

You know how I feel about this line. But if I had to choose one thing from this GO line, this would be in the running!

This goes to show just why Target rocks!


        Monday, July 23, 2007

Calling All Oprah Lovers...

OK, so I've always been in love with Oprah, I mean how can you not be inspired by a woman who gives millions to those less fortunate?! But OMG, I caught a late night taping of Oprah last week and i about died...she had my Target twisted seed necklace on!! Do you think its possible she also bought hers at Target?!? (LOL) Now the ONLY difference was that Oprah's had coral colored beads and not brown beads...but none the less if you want a necklace like Oprah here is your chance! It does a great job of spicing up a plain outfit...!

Department: Shoes

So I've always been the snobby Nordstrom's Shoe Girl...until I laid eyes on these cute "peep toe" shoes on I had been keeping my eye out in store for them and they finally arrived yesterday! They had both silver (VERY hot for fall) and black. I tried on the silver ones and as I was admiring them in the mirror a lady passed by and said "oh those would make perfect bridesmaid shoes" that point I decided I'd be safer with the black pair. I wore them today, all day in fact through the airport and sores/no blisters! So not only are these shoes cute and fashionable they are comfortable. Not to mention i got two complements before 9am! I think I might have to make a trip back for the silver ones!

thou shalt not covet

Department: Knocked Up

I found out last week that I am having another boy, and I couldn't be happier about that. Boys love their mamas for ever and ever, and to be honest, girls scare me. What with the hoochie-mama clothes and online predators and Girls Gone Wild videos and Mean Girls... I'll stick with my stereo-typical dirty, smelly boys, thankyouverymuch.

There was one part of me that was secretly hoping for a girl, though.... the part of me who likes to shop. There is so much more and cuter stuff for little girls out on the market these days. I have major shopping envy! I mean, at Target alone, the gear and clothes for girls is to die for. Check this stuff out: (Click on the images to find them on

OK... so maybe, just maybe, somebody up there knows what they're doing by giving me another boy. I don't have nearly enough closets in my condo to hide all the Target bags it would take to hold this stuff!!

        Sunday, July 22, 2007

a touch of fancy

Department: Devi Kroell

I must have been living under a rock. I don't know how I missed this! Devi Kroell is selling a line at Target!

Metallic handbags and accessories aren't for everyone. But you have to admit, you feel outright old school Hollywood glamorous when you have a hint of gold or silver on ya!

Some of my favorites include this little number...great for a night out on the town or just an afternoon when you need a touch of fancy

And this shopper -- perfect for the eco-sensitive woman who doesn't need to tote the department store paper or plastic bags

My only gripe? The badge on the front of the bags all say "Devi Kroell for Target". Devi follwers know it's from Target. I know it's from Target. And frequent fliers at Target know it's from there. But do we need to tell everyone else? Even Isaac leaves it for the tag.

See more of the collection here.

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