Friday, May 02, 2008

Get Your Drink on For Less


We all know about the ever-expanding beer/wine/liquor section at Target (all Targets? not sure...). But did you know that if you purchase a mere four -- yes four -- bottles of wine, you get a 10% discount? Many grocery and liquor stores give you discounts, but you generally have to buy anywhere from six bottles to an entire case. Leave it to Target to lead the way...

Look for the red cardboard four-bottle wine carrier in your store's wine section, then pull the coupon off to use when you check out.


p.s. I couldn't find a picture of the carrier anywhere... or anything on the site about wine available, etc. so I apologize for the lack of links.

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        Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Was Inevitable

Department: I didn't think I was going to buy that....

I knew deep down inside the moment that I saw them that someday they would be mine. I didn't need another pair of shoes- who does? But I just knew. I never thought about them, I simply passed them by on the shelf. But one day last week they were on clearance. They had my size and my size only and it was destiny.

Do you have them? The Loeffler Randall Rosette Flat