Thursday, March 09, 2006

Velcro Rollers- SCORE

Department: $1 Spot

So I hit the big T for the first time in a couple weeks yesterday, I know, I know the shame. What does a STT do first? Hit the $1 spot for some orgasmic frivolous shopping. I was SO tempted by the cute Easter stuff however, I had to remind myself that I am not festive and make no plans to be. I did however score Velcro Rollers.

Question- how do I use them? They did not include instructions. I know in my hair duh, but on wet hair and blow it dry? Dry hair and blow on it? I have no idea. I do believe that velcro rollers are the key to my success though. All of the people who have the most exquisite hair in the world seem to own velcro rollers.

So please ladies- or gents- tell me how to use my new beauty find.


- Red Cart Romance

        Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hello Pretty Kitty

Department: Girly Stuff

So, not a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty. This is not because I don't think it's cute because it is in a bubblegum way, it's more because I really never had any of it growing up and neither did any of my friends. I am a child of the 80's, but I swear either there was no Hello Kitty merch around my town growing up or my mother was just really good at keeping it away from me. Between you and me I don't think she digs the kitty. Mom, if you are reading this- it's ok, it's no big deal.

Anyway, I got a note from a loyal STT in my trusty email box saying that the waffle maker by Hello Kitty at is pretty cute. I bet it is. I went to and put in "hello kitty" into the search box and found 72 or so products! Now, I don't really have a spot for the kitty in my house but if you are bubbly and Lisa Loeb like, I bet you can find use for this and pull it off. Excuse my while I go on a Lisa Loeb tangent for a moment. Here it goes:

Do you all watch her new show on E!? #1 Single? It's a good show- sometimes I can even talk my hubby into watching it, only because he is a musician and I think he really likes to watch it because LL is cute, but he pretends it's for the music. She is cute, I love her style, her voice (singing not talking), her cute NYC apartment, but what I don't love is her picky dating attitude. I know that she is a special person but she is becoming such a weirdo about this whole dating thing. She is so talented and pretty and smart but her confidence SUCKS on these dates and honey please- if my friend and sister who BTW are single but pretending to be love guru's told me not to pay for anything on a date and bossed me around I would be like "whatever"! I almost died of embarassment for LL when she had that poor guy pay for her Container Store purchase of over $350 of shit for her new pad on their date! WTF was that? Is she that Duh?

Ok so off my tangent, much love to LL but gosh! Anyway- Lisa Loeb loves Hello Kitty, on one episode she was gifted a Hello Kitty Rice Cooker on the Isaac Mizrahi Show (love it). It looks all cute in her kitchen but like I said, it's a bit tough to pull off.

Here are some cute things that if I was the easy-bake, cat glasses, pigtail, cupcake type, I would certainly display proudly in my home. That generalization is not meant to be an insult, I sincerely wish I was a pocket sized little cutie so I could pull off the whole Hello Kitty thing. Click on the pics for more.

        Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sale Sale Glorious Sale

Department: Luella

The Luella sale is on. Allegedly only until March 11 as it says on the site... I think it will then go lower...

We hear that some of the clothes are super small but the accessories are fun. If you love Luella get to the store and buy it up- it will be gone soon! Who is next in the "Go" Designer Series?

        Monday, March 06, 2006

Egglings Are Here!

Department: Quick Note

I am super busy today and can't stay and chat but my egglings are here! Can't wait to see if they work.