Friday, November 18, 2005

Legend of the Pickle

Have you heard of the Legend of the Pickle on Christmas? Well neither have I. The German legend goes that if you find the Gerkin ornament on Christmas morning you are rewarded with an extra present! This giftbox includes a uniquely crafted glass gerkin ornament in a lovely giftbox. The print on the box tells of the “Legend of the Pickle” history in the German Holiday Culture.

You can learn more about ancient holiday stories by going to There you’ll find additional charming giftboxes detailing the “Legend of the Pineapple” or the “Legend of the Mistletoe”, or even the “Legend of the Robin”. Check it out if you have a free moment ... the stories are fascinating!

        Thursday, November 17, 2005

Animal Abuse or Love?

Santa Claws Pet Costume

With the holidays approaching it’s time to get festive and put our fancy holiday garb on. But does that include your pets as well? Opinions differ. But being the lucky guardian of 2 good-humored dogs and 2 lovable cats I can honestly say that I would have my pets wear this attire … that is if they let me. But I know in my heart they would have nothing to do with these outfits. I could just imagine how upset they would be with me if I had them go out in public with this holiday apparel on and walk in front of their neighborhood friends.

I can’t help but laugh when I see these animals all dollied up by their owners who dress them up for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc … I always wonder if our animal companions actually enjoy it or despise it with a passion, so I can't help but feel a bit of pity for them. But what do I know? Hell these animals could be in love with wearing their outfits and love prancing around even more. More power to them!

If your pet is keen on dressing up for the holidays then don’t forget to check out’s Holiday Pet Apparel. Don’t forget to send us pictures as well!

Christmas Star Party Collar

        Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I love Target more than you do...

Do you think that you love Target more than us? Email us with your story. Were you married in a Target? Have a baby there? We are interested in hearing how much you dig it and what lengths you will go to to shop at the Big Red.

Email us at

We will publish your note if we find it worthy. We will never publish your name or email address.

Also- the buzz on the street is that Target talks about our blog at their corporate meetings. Glad you like it Target! Where is my desk? Haha just kidding. sort of....

Send an EGreeting

Looks like Target has gotten into the EGreetings productions. Along with American Greetings, Target has free ecards, wallpaper and screensavers for everyone. They offer a widespread collection of ecards for all occasions and holidays.

Target has a broad selection of ecards for the upcoming holidays, so save a postage stamp and send an ecard for Thanksgiving or Christmas for that matter. Go to’s Greetings to see all of their designs.

        Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ahh our loyal readers you....

Crack Us Up!

So we have recently (today) received a slew of emails about various Target finds etc. I thought I would share some of the insight, product info and interesting emails we receive. If you have something to tell us give it a shout at Warning: anything that you send to us can and most likely will be used. We will never publish your name or email address though.

So on to the good stuff from our fellow STT:

Someone is unhappy with lip balm:
"What's the deal with the Cookie Cutouts Lip balm? I got it on Satuday in the little dollar bin section. I needed some lip balm, it claimed it would taste likie sugar cookies. I got both a tube and a tin. I opened it up right away and applied it to my lips. Big mistake. This stuff is henious! It was like smearing a glue stick on my lips. Honestly. "

Someone is Cooky for Candy Cane Shot Glasses (drunk:):
"Target has candy cane shot glasses, like the ones that go for $9 a set at places like Urban Outfitters, in the Dollar Spot. Thats right! They are just $1 each. How fantastic! Check them out here:
PS - I love your site/blog. It's so great for Target junkies like myself :)"

Someone is talking about Issac and it's all good:
"new isaac fall/ winter home stuff"

Thanks for keeping us informed! We love you - STT

It's All About Ease

Now here’s something for men and women. It’s the Koie Sling Bag and it’s definitely multi-purpose. I can think of a couple ways I can make use of this. I can use it for traveling. Stick my airline ticket, wallet, MP3 player, and other miscellaneous items in one of the many custom pockets included on this sling. I could also use this when I take my son to the playground. I could store wipes, snacks, my keys, phone, etc … in the sling and conveniently hang it on my back so my hands are free to keep my son from eating sand. And us mommies know how we need are hands.

The Koie Sling Bag is available at The Red Hot Shop on

        Monday, November 14, 2005

Mommy and Baby Tatts

Get your baby a head start into the rebel phase with these Baby Temporary Tattoos. This collection of temporary non-toxic tattoos features 45 amusing designs. They include baby pirates, studded pacifiers, biker baby bottles, the classic mom tattoo, etc … It only takes 25 seconds to apply and stay on for 3 days. The tattoos can be removed with baby oil or cold cream. also offers Touch My Tummy tattoos for mommies-to-be. The Touch My Tummy anthology comprises of “Feel Here” and “And Here” handprint tattoos, and checkboxes for how far along you are. For those times when you don’t want anyone to touch there is also the “Please don’t touch my tummy” tattoo. These tattoos are also temporary and non-toxic.

These temporary tattoos can be found at the Red Hot Shop at If you do pick up a set, don’t forget to send a picture!