Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It Doesn't Take Much


I love that if you need to you can get several staple items at Target. At least at our local store. They have a dairy aisle, a bread aisle, cereal, chips, you know the drill.

Yesterday I put some Colby Jack cheese in my husbands sandwich that I recently purchased from said cheese aisle. My favorite aisle in the whole store. God I love cheese. Anyway, I was fully expecting him to come home from work with a "What the H was in my sandwich?" but instead he said he REALLY loved it. Yay! Score one for wifey.

It is the little things, the conveniences at Target that make my life easier. If I can buy cheese and fab shoes, or a pair of pants in the same spot, my life is complete. This is the exact thing I was telling that MAJOR magazine who interviewed me a month or so ago about the blog. Just found out that the article has been shelfed. UGH. So if any of you other MAJOR mags want to feature the blog give me a ring! You can be first!


  • Wow - You'd think in this economy that a major mag would feature a smart shopping mom with $ sense and a great sense of humor. Too bad...

    By Blogger S., on Tuesday, June 16, 2009  

  • We have a Super Target here and I have to say I haven't been disappointed with a single "Target" brand item I have ever purchase. I'm kind of a Target brand whore, actually. The more I get, the more I want.

    By Blogger Jill, on Tuesday, June 30, 2009  

  • Do you know why Target is doing so well during this hard economy. They work low income families that work for them. Make them do more than three people jobs..and positions .. Hoping that the torture will start the employment door turning. So they can hire the next unsuspecting idiot for practically nothing. Then if that doesn't work then they will lower their weekly hours to 9 hours a week sometimes less. Forcing them to find new jobs.. Haven't you noticed how most of their employees don't know much. It’s because they are always hiring new Team members..starting them at minimum wage. Without ever getting any overtime. I used to like Target..really..but when I found out how they don't appreciate their employees. I will never shop there again. They don't even give veterans their 10% discount. That’s how greedy this company is. Any way the products they sell is marked high up then marked down.. to make you feel like you got a deal..Oh..yeah..I will not shop at a place that sucks the life out of low income families and single parents..

    By Blogger fashionjewelry10, on Tuesday, June 15, 2010  

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