Friday, October 14, 2005

Refrigerator Graffiti

My refrigerator is plain white, very plain white. Of course being a mom I have my obligatory photo magnets and basic reminders for doctor’s appointments, etc … plastered on, but I need something a little different. Not surprisingly Target comes to my rescue. Target offers Refrigerator Graffiti for people like me who live with the “plain jane” refrigerators. These thin easy-to-remove vinyl backed adhesives give our refrigerators a bit of personality. There is the straight forward “Hello Big Butt”, the sassy “Put Down Your Fork, Turn Around and Just Walk Away”, and a philosophic quote from Mark Twain … “There is the charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” Each sheet has an unspoiled matte finish and looks as if it was printed directly onto your refrigerator. The sheets are durable and washable and they won’t peel, fade or harm your fridge’s finish. Visit to see these unique gift ideas.

        Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blanket Hound

I love a blanket. I am a blanket hound. Always have to have something on me on the couch and when I saw these on my heat got all warm and fuzzy!

Give while you get by shopping the Pink Shop at 100% of profits go to Breast Cancer Research!!! 100%%%%!!!!!!

50x60" pink throw with textured trim • Light and downy, soft-as-fur material • Target/Breast Cancer ribbon patch in corner • Polyester; machine wash • 100% of profits go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation; see Description tab for details

        Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Flight 001

Do you know a frequent flyer business person that you need to buy a gift for? Well Target has just the right thing. It’s the Expand-A-Garment bag by Flight 001. I love the travel-related items Flight 001 offers and this is one of them. This Expand-A-Garment bag folds up into a flat carry-on parcel that you can stick in a suitcase when not in use. Then when needed it spreads out to form a garment bag perfect for your business suit. The full size garment bag has handles on each end and an outer zip pocket for extras. In the event when we need help folding this bag up there are easy to understand graphics printed on the outside.

Another fantastic deal is the Makeup Case by Flight 001. The hot pink makeup case features a removable mesh pouch, pockets, placeholders for bottles, and lots of compartments. The bag consists of 2 separate bags that are held together by a magnetic snap. The bag is waterproof and what’s even better it’s on sale at Target. Regular price is $44.99, it’s now 50% off at $22.50. Visit to see these two fab products from Flight 001.

        Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Are We Still Loving Kukui Nuts?

Are Kukui Nuts still considered a fashion piece in the jewelry world these days? I still see them in stores so I’m assuming so. But whether they’re in or not, nevertheless I adore them. Target carries an assortment of kukui nut jewelry in varying styles and colors. I particularly adore the chunky kukui nut necklace/bracelet set in red. If you’re still into kukui nuts then go to your local Target store or visit to see their wide selection.

By the way, Target people … it’s Kukui Nut with a “u”, not “Kakui Nut”.

        Sunday, October 09, 2005

Got the Recipe for Dinosaur Soup

Give your kids or yourselves for that matter a laugh with these Kids’ Recipes Paper Placemats. There are recipes for the appetizing “Little Green Thing Pizza” or the delectable “30-Minute Popcorn, or the well known scrumptious “Dinosaur Soup”. Need the recipe for Dinosaur Soup? Take it from a 4 year old, the foremost cooking expert, "Take 4 dinosaurs. Put in bowl. Add some water. Put in the microwave. Eat it for 7 days." There you have it … dinosaur soup. Yummy! They come in a set of 48 disposable placemats, 8 each of 6 delightful recipes.

Another fun conversation piece at the dinner tables is the Roadside Dinner Paper Placemats. This is a set of 48 disposable placemats featuring roadside signs saying “Eat”, “Chicken Dinners Breakfast” and “Ham & Bacon”. Get both placemat designs at The Red Hot Shop at