Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RAFE bags at Target- No Joke.

Department: Guest Bloggers

Dear Red Cart Romance,

First of all, let me tell you how I love reading all your blogs. I love Target and was so pleasantly surprised to find a website dedicated to all who are “slaves” to this store. I always go in and tell myself that I just need to make a quick run to get what I need and guess what? Three hours later, I’m still in the store.

Anyway, I read that you are currently busy and need fellow STT’s to help you out. I went to Target today to get some items for my baby daughter’s 1st birthday party on Sunday (October 29) and stopped dead in my tracks as I was passing by the handbag section. There right in front of me, barely noticeable, is a small section of RAFE FOR TARGET handbags! I’ve always loved this New York handbag & accessories designer and was actually saving up to buy myself one of his handbags.

I bought myself the patent leather clutch in vanilla.
Its also available in black, brown and navy.

The doctor’s bag, hobo and satchel are also great! I’m tempted to buy those! Oh what’s a girl to do? If I start thinking about it for more than 3 days, I’ll probably go back and buy them and try to hide them from my husband….hehehehe!
The quality is very good and it has the typical Rafe fabric lining on the inside.