Friday, August 05, 2005

The Bullseye is better than Mickey Mouse…

********A little while back we posted this guest blog from a fellow Target addict. We then erased our blog by accident so here is a repost!

By: Distressed Jeans

I feel the excitement before I am even in the store. My bowels feel loose and I hope I can keep my bladder under control. Who knows what goodies I’m going to find with a bright red sticker saying those magic words: Clearance, $3.48. I just never know. Gripping my purse tightly, I walk through the automatic doors and feel the whoosh of cold air and the gentle scent of freshly roasted hot dogs and buttery popcorn floating in the air. It’s a near religious experience. My first order of business is to secure the trip with a cup of hot coffee. Then the fun can begin.

Grabbing the red cart, I head directly for the juniors department or if I’m feeling lucky, the jewelry area where I am sure to find a little something trendy for my ears and neck. Then it’s over to the clothes where a smile is fastened on my face, I love clothes! Last winter I found the cutest pair of turquoise jeans with back pockets that made my butt feel as round and small as a freshly picked Granny Smith apple. I did not buy them and trust me, I regretted not doing so even now, months later. The jeans would have been very hot with a funky belt and tank top. I would have had the paparazzi chasing me for a photograph I would be so cute. When you find a treasure, you must act upon it. The pants were long gone when I went back to buy them. I hunt for clothes with the precision of a military sharpshooter, going in and stealthily pawing through the racks of clothes, pants, shorts and skirts. Isaac Mizrahi beckons me and then I hear Mossimo call my name. I am able to launch my attack quietly and with full concentration.

I may meander though the shoe department, taking time to try on a wedge or pump and admire my feet in a tiny mirror that sits on the floor. With flip flops being under $4 it is entirely possible to get a pair in every color and have money left over for cosmetics.

Usually I skip around the store, admiring the bedding, curtains, pillows and bathroom stuff, creating an imagined need for cute cups and a nifty soap dispenser. The kitchen department has every gadget you could dream of and since when don’t I need a new smoothie maker? Amazingly, one lands in my cart along with a ceramic pineapple and a Mexican inspired tablecloth. The angels sing and the music swells as I enter into the beauty aisle, where I must pick up every new item and debate whether or not I need a twenty sixth tube of lipstick or gloss. Most likely I will toss a mascara in the cart, usually L’Oreal Voluminous in Black Noir, just FYI. I can justify a purchase ten ways in this department. Of course I need a new perfume! Body lotion? Sure. A loofah? Certainly! And who wouldn’t benefit from a facial puff? Please! Toss it in the cart.

Winding down my shopping experience which is on par with a trip to Disneyland but better because I can afford to buy more, I get a bag of Starbucks coffee and toaster strudels. When I get home, I wonder how a watering can, sports watch, a planter of jasmine, spiral notebook and set of magic markers have found their way inside my home. Looks like I need to head back to return everything. Or not. Or just you know, poke around and see what’s new.

Stick It

Have a room that needs a little sumpin' sumpin'? Wall art is all the rage. Can't vouch for what it does to your walls. Walls can be super sensitive but I say take a chance if you can cover up and turn blah into Hurrah!

Other colors to choose from, mix and match is what I say.

So cute I want to take you home...

Have you ever walked down the camping section at Target? I am in love with the little sleeping bags and tiny tents. You know what I mean- the display minatures that they use as models for what the real thing looks like? I want to rip them off of the display and take them home. It makes me want to get my barbies out of the attic at my mom's house and play Ken and Barbie go camping in the woods!

I could have sworn that one time on I saw a tent that had a dog house section. That is just too cute.

Here is an 8 person tent which gets me thinking- would I EVER want to sleep with 7 other people around me? Um, not really. But if you are into that sort of thing Target has tents and if you go to the store you get to see the little minature tents I am crazy over. I dare you to rip one down and take it home for the backyard of your Barbie Dream House.

        Thursday, August 04, 2005

Didn't Make it Under $100 This Time

Today my son and I took our weekly trip to Target to make a few purchases. Of course a few turned out to be too many purchases! Here's a summary of what I bought today.

Above is a fabulous diaper bag I found at Target by a company called Mandalay. The bag is a messenger style similar to the messenger bags from Wendy Bellisimo. The Mandalay diaper bag above is suede with roomy pockets inside. There also is a matching changing pad included. This lovely bag was selling for only $24.99 compared to $59.99 for a bag from Wendy Bellisimo's line. I took these pictures myself at home so you'll have to excuse the quality.

Other items I purchased is more of the New Place New Space stationery accessories, I'm addicted to their patterns and designs. I'm crazy about the chic Granny Style Overnight Makeup bag I acquired. It's got spacious pockets with and without zippers. There is a hanger so that you can drape the bag on a hook for convenience. The bag also comes with a stylish faux diamond brooch. You can't really see it but it's on the bottom right hand corner.

Rounding out my shopping expedition are:
~ Health & Beauty items [Dove Sensitive Skin bodywash, Garnier root lifter, Purell sanitizer, hair clips]
~ for my son [pacifiers, disposable bibs, Parents keys toy, toddler wipes, socks, pacifier keeper, See 'n Say junior, disposable snack cups]
~ snacks [Doritos]

Now I have to go and hide these shopping bags from my husband!

I am bad for the environment

I don't think that I could live or function without paper towels. I know, I am a bad person. A tree should fall on me and teach me a lesson about killing its friends just so that my life can be easier. I actually think that we go through a roll every 36 hours or so....

Thank goodness I can accessorize with paper towels, or should I say my paper towels can be accessorized? Either way I dig the paper towel holders at Target. I mean they deserve to look nice since they are at my disposal.

This one is available on the web only- ooh la la

        Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Polka Your Laptop Over

Are you tied to your laptop? Tired of transporting your laptop in a lackluster black ziptop messenger-style bag? Need a bit of style? If so, take a look at the Black and White Polka Dot Flap-Over Laptop Carrying Case from Target. If I actually had time to go out and surf the internet while still keeping an eye on my 1 year old son, I'd get this case. This carrying case comes with secure comfy straps and an easy-to-close flap. The inside is lined with white quilting to ensure that your laptop is protected from unexpected bumps and bangs. There's an exterior pocket to store your essential files, as well as a side pocket to stow your cell phone, pens, or your MP3 player. This carrying case and other laptop bag styles can be found at target's website. Check it out!

We have a winner!

So last night I put a tough question out there... What is this?

We asked readers to write in and guess. Sure you could have searched though to find out but we hope that you were honest - you filthy dirty cheaters!

2 people actually tied for first place by writing in at the same time! They also had the best guess with Tissue/Toilet Paper Holder! As promised here is your shout out:

YEAH! YOU ROCK! Jamie in NJ and CoutureAdcct!

And yes it is infact a Toilet Paper Holder. Hey, whatever you want in your bathroom is fine with me.

        Tuesday, August 02, 2005

You really have to wonder...

What goes through the buyers heads at I thought I would take a peek at their "unique" section to see what exactly they find unique. I say they hit the nail on the head and although some items aren't actually available ( who knows why) they are just too silly to not talk about.

If you can guess what this is and email us at I will give you a shout out! I would give you cash and prizes but I already spent all of my money at well, you know where.. CONTEST OVER WE PICKED A WINNER SEE ABOVE POST. THANKS FOR ALL WHO ENTERED

A fancy but slightly ugly shoe? Oh no, its a cell phone holder.... um, yeah. I am not bashing, I am just simply stating.

Working Girls Survival Kit... now do they mean "girl who works in office" or "girl who works on the street"??? Girl who works her way up in the office by sleeping over at the office and needs to freshen up in the morning? It's cute, I dig.

Everybody needs one of these, its self explanatory and yes, grammar whore I did not put a ' in my its... does that bother you? HAHAHAHAHA I hope your skin is crawling.

Target knows best

We thought Father/Mother knew best but Target has some great items for babies and my jaw dropped at their price on the Baby Bjorn! Only $79.99

I bought one from some swanky baby store a year ago for about $30 more!! UGH

got to love the city black- looks great on everyone

Another Serving of Ferrara Cafe Please

It's unfortunate that our previous posts went to the place where posts go when they pass on. One of those posts was about the famous Ferrara Cafe in New York. I'd like to re-introduce Ferrara Cafe and its scrumptious desserts.

For more than a 100 years New York's Ferrara Café has been an icon in Little Italy. Now for those of us that are unfortunate enough to not be able to visit this cafe in person, offers some of their most popular desserts delivered to your door. Ferrara Cafe's cannoli dessert is shipped with 36 mini hand-rolled cannoli shells and 2 pastry bags of yummy Ferrara cannoli cream. Ferrara's cannoli cream is made using ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and other natural ingredients. You can freeze whatever's not used for future use. will ship Ferrara Café Cannoli in a cooler with dry ice.

Another tasty dessert from Ferrara Cafe is their Tiramisu dessert. Their tiramisu dessert is produced with handmade ladyfingers immersed in espresso and coffee liqueur, a blend of mascarpone cheese, fresh cream and eggs, then topped of with bittersweet cocoa. offers this dessert in two 2-lb. boxes shipped in a cooler with dry ice.

Visit to indulge your sweet tooth with Ferrara Cafe's delectable desserts.

        Monday, August 01, 2005

My Red Hot Shopping List

Take a look at the Target weekly ad in your area for great deals at your local Target store. This is my Red Hot shopping list for the week!

"New Place New Space Stationery and Desk Accessories"
Notebooks Sale 2 for $3
Portfolios Sale 2 for $1
10% off all other stationery and desk items
In assorted patterns.

Exhilaration canvas totes Sale $12.99

Merona and Mossimo metallic flats and pumps Sale $18.99
Faux snakeskin Sale $20.99
All other Merona and Mossimo casuals on sale

New Place New Space 66qt clear latching storage box or 66qt tinted box in 3 colors Sale $4.99

Bentwood Lounger Sale $48.00

Boots & Barkley 35x44" Fleece and Twill Pet Bed Sale $25.99

Selected Starbucks Coffee Sale $7.24

2-pk Mam pacifiers $4.00

        Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

I am madly and deeply in love. I can't help myself. I go to see him every day and push around his big, red, hot, rock hard cart. We stroll, we ooh and ahh and we always end up in trouble. Everyone looks at us like we are crazy but they too know how amazing our love affair is. They feel the same passion and know that I will be coming back for more......

It is simple diary, I am smitten and I can't get enough. I am in love with Target. Perhaps one day he will propose. I see a shiny new ring in my future. It's only $40,000.00.... I know that he can afford it and besides he owes me big time.

- Slave To Target

Life of the Party

I was looking around my pad and said to myself, "self- something is missing". I most certainly must have my own DJ booth to spin the night away. I was looking for something to do with that old Bill Cosby Live record, I think it will go perfectly mixed with my Muppets on vinyl... I smell a hit!

Available on the web only but not quite available just yet -the DJ Kreemy Booth by Karim Rashid is a must have for any swanky pad. I can't decide which color, I think I will take one of each. Only $3400.00

Do You Have Change?

I'm not sure if this vending machine requires money, but it would be a kick to own one of these. By these I mean the Nostalgia Electrics Tabletop Pepsi Vending Machine. This retro vending machine holds 12 cans of soda, beer, or juice and dispenses like the larger vending machines you see. The vending machine contains a refrigeration system for keeping your beverages cool and tasty. The Nostalgia Electrics Tabletop Vending Machine is being offered at What's fabulous is that right now is offering free shipping on this flash from the past inspired design. Check out for additional information. Cheers!