Monday, April 20, 2009

Admiring From A Distance

Department: Stuff I Heart

Times are tough for everybody and even though Target has low prices, when I go there these days I try my hardest to stick to the essentials. Diapers, mascara with free gift of eye shadow, you know- the basics.

In all seriousness though, money is super tight. I have been being good though and still enjoy dawdling around my big red box looking at lovely things to report back on.

The other day I went with my oldest daughter (almost 5). We did score some free Covergirl EyeShadow with purchase of their new mascara. The one in the orange tube with the Drew Barrymore commercial. It's alright. I wasn't paying attention and got brown/black instead of black and it isn't super goopy which is a good thing but makes me think that I will need a new tube soon.

So anyway- here are some other things that I have been digging on but restrained myself from buying. Just thought you would like to know in case you have a money tree in your back yard.

These look even better and shinier in person-
Blue Patent Thongs - also in green and yellow if I remember correctly. I like the blue best.

I saw this chair on the website and it looks so darn comfortable. Also very Euro-Chic.

In fact- all of these chairs (I was looking online for a chair for my office even though husband says there isn't enough room. I don't care. One will appear and he will be too lazy to move it. This is how things go. My Way.)
This one is so very Dwell. I LOVE Yellow and Grey together. Always have.

This one is almost even better! I swear that there were also wall hangings in the decor section in store that matched this. It is all exactly what I need to spiff up our master bedroom however that money tree better start growing.

I do have to say though, you get Free Shipping and 15% off on those chairs because they meet the site requirements. If you like them, I would grab them!!!

Yes See! I am not crazy- there is new linen wall art in three different greys/neutrals that coordinates with those chairs! OMG. So nice. You could totally throw together a great room for less than $500 with these pieces and some basics. Ugh I wish I had $500!

There you have it. My current drool sesh.