Friday, September 09, 2005

What will they think of next?

Well I don't get out much, except for the frequent trip to Target but we have been flooded with emails from self proclaimed Slave To Target correspondants all over the country who want to tell us what is up in the world.

This is the latest in "what will Target do next" chatter. Hmm gives me an idea for another t-shirt- "what would Target do?". On that note have you ordered your Red Cart Romance tee yet? I surely did and its right here on my fabu body as we speak, er well um, type.

So getting back to my story- Jennifer from wherever she lives, USA writes in that we have to tell you about Target branded photo booths popping up in select locations around the country. I think this is a fine idea and when one comes to my town I am surely going to have a photo sesh.

Where would we be without camera phones? Thanks Jennifer for taking this pic and sending it in!

        Thursday, September 08, 2005


Looking for a great read? Looking for books at affordable prices? If you said yes to both questions, then check out’s Bookmarked section. There you’ll find their book club pick, bestsellers, new releases, and “breakout” books from up-and-coming authors. Just the other day I picked up 3 books offered at 20% and more off the publisher’s price at my local Target store. Reading is another one of my addictions if you can’t tell.’s Bookmarked area also features the ability to start your own book club. Invite your friends, create book lists, and produce your own events calendar. It’s a terrific way to get together with your reading buddies to discuss your latest club picks.

Visit’s Bookmarked segment to get your reading habit started or head on in to your local Target store to browse their wide selection.

These are just some of the books that are currently on my book list.

Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman

The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella

        Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On the Fly

Now here’s another high tech toy you can add to your collection. will be offering the FLY pentop computer starting October 16. The FLY pentop computer takes scheduling, math, and music in a whole new direction. The FLY pentop computer has a built-in processor, voice capabilities, and an optical scanner.

Use a specially made paper to calculate math problems, schedule appointments record music, etc … The set includes a FLY pentop computer, red carrying case, FLY launch pad guide, earphones, 17 games, 35 pages of FLY paper, 3 interactive FLY-FX cards, interactive map, red face plate and one AAA battery. is offering FLY add-ons such as: software cartridges, games, speakers and more (each sold separately). The Red model you see above is exclusive to Target® stores.

        Tuesday, September 06, 2005

C'est La Vie

Sigh, seeing this bag reminds me of when I used to have a job in the city. I reminisce about the days when I would put on my smart slacks with a sleek blouse, layer it with a stylish jacket and grab my fashionable handbag. I just get goosebumps thinking about it. Now before you think I lead a dismal life, keep in mind that I’m a stay-at-home-mom and with the current warm weather, my wardrobe consists of tees, shorts, and flip-flops. Somehow this lovely handbag wouldn't complete my ensemble. I sometimes long for the days when I could dress up and again walk among those other chic ladies heading to work.

During one of my weekly trips to my local Target store I came across this au courant handbag by Isaac Mizrahi. This lovely Crosshatch Satchel by Isaac Mizrahi reminds me of a style I saw by Louis Vuitton. The design and the feel of the leather are similar to the LV handbag I came across but much cheaper! I love getting a bargain. Obviously I bought this bag, but in the camel color. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate this bag into my day to day existence! Ah C'est La Vie!

Pick up one of these trendy Crosshatch Satchel handbags by Isaac Mizrahi at your local Target store or at

        Monday, September 05, 2005

Schtick One On

I’m not a big Mac fan, but I do find their laptop colors and designs irresistible. I’m always thinking why can’t PC’s look like that? Well, we’re getting closer thanks to LapSchticks. LapSchticks are detachable adhesives that you just slap on your laptop. They fit 14” or 15” laptops, or can be trimmed to fit if necessary. is offering these fab designs in either a massive white asterisk or symmetrical dots. The adhesives also come in fire-engine red, safety orange, or lime green. Visit's Red Hot Shop to see these decorative pieces.