Friday, July 13, 2007

Weirdness: Return Policy

Department: Returns, should be easy right?

So the blog is back. It will be a group effort.

To kick it off I have kind of a rant.

A few weeks back I thought I would be a cool mom and buy my daughter who is 3 a Barbie Fairytopia DVD. She refuses to watch it and doesn't want it at all but that is another story.

In any case- I bring home the DVD prepared to HOLD HER DOWN so that she can be exposed to new fun things and I insert the DVD into the player only to get the dreaded "DIRTY DISC" message. The disc was apparently dirty or scratched and would not play.

I bring it back to the store and the Target employee informs me that I can return it but I MUST exchange for the exact product since I had opened it. 'Who was to say that I didn't burn copies and sell them on the street?' That is what they really mean by their policy.

Now being wife to a musician I understand copyright laws and respect that yes I guess I could have burned copies of the famous Barbie Fairytopia and then tried to return it but honestly it just did not even play in my DVD player! So I went off in search of the same product, exchanged it, brought it home and tested it and this one in fact works. The toddler still refuses to watch it.

Anyone want a Barbie Fairytopia DVD? Just kidding, I will save it until she realizes the magic of Barbie. Or use it as a coaster.

Anyway here is my issue- it's not MY fault the disc did not play and what if I decided I didn't need the hassle of walking to the DVD aisle, buying a new copy, driving home and testing it just to see if it worked or if Target was putting out craptastic DVD's? I just really didn't need the hassle and would have liked a store credit so I could buy something I actually needed and trusted would work. BUT NO. that is now allowed.

        Thursday, July 12, 2007

Should We Make It A Group Effort?

Department: ugh- what to do with the STT blog?

So SlavesToTarget around the country- should we make this blog a group effort?

If you are interested in writing for the blog for no pay, just pure fun and understand that this is MY blog and I can delete anything too nuts if things get out of hand- email me at slavetotarget{AT}

You must give me your first name and email address so I can invite you to be a guest blogger. Please also tell me how many times a week/month you shop at Target and what you love the best about it.