Friday, October 17, 2008

The Office in the $1 (or more) Spot

Department: Dollar Spot

I love it when Target gets hip to popular tv shows and movies in the $1 (or more) spot. Way back a couple of years ago I scored many a Napoleon Dynamite magnet and notepad.

Currently they have funny things from NBC's The Office like this Employee of the Year Mug and The Dunder Mifflin notepad. I didn't scoop these up since I don't watch The Office (I know GASP!) but I took some photos from my crackberry's crappy camera to share with you my devoted fans.

So if you like The Office (Which I know my husband and I would be totally addicted to if we had watched it from day one but now it is just too much trouble) go and grab a mug and a notepad and pretend make everyone stare at your cubical with envy.

        Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't Let This $hitty Picture Fool You

Department: Go International Designers + Target's bad product presentation (again)

Sorry, I am delinquent on the posts but this has a lot to do with the fact that I moved this summer and my old house was within 3 miles of a Target. The town that we live in now doesn't have a Target (GASP) and so I have to hop on the highway and go 3 exits. Then I have to sit in the cluster%*&# that is the town that has the nearest Target and wait at a bajillion lights. Once I get there I am sometimes disappointed by the Target in question but hey- a girl needs to shop so we adapt.

So I bought this shirt. Luckily I had seen it on the rack because if my first sighting of it was on the Target website I totally would never have bought it. Why? Because it looks like crap here. The shirt in person by GO International designer Jonathan Saunders is just enough mod and has an interesting neckline. It reminds me of a baby lap t in the way that the neckline goes out to the shoulders and the seam is a well, you know if you saw it in person you would get what I mean.

The shirt isn't nearly as "tunic" looking on me. Probably because I am not a computer generated model/crackwhore. This "model" is skinny and has no boobs. This is not the real American Woman. On me it is a bit shorter and it has a very designer look that I am loving. Yes of course it should because duh he is a designer but you know what I mean. The cool color block cuffs and grey misty color make it look like a $98 shirt (yes if I were to price and market it for a fancy boutique I would say $98) instead of a $16.99 shirt.

Point of post- go to Target, try it on. The website has once again failed to portray the cool-factor of their limited edition merchandise.