Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let's Hear It For The Boys

Department: Boys Like Target Too

So out of fairness I was searching around for some manly apparel and checking out their latest additions. I love this shirt. I fondly remember in hospitality law class in college that the use of the word "allegedly" is very important. Not to sound like Star Jones Reynolds or anything though.... I mean she allegedly had gastric bypass right? A L L E G E D L Y

        Wednesday, February 08, 2006

STT is high on Snoop

Department: Shiznizzle!

It is official- I just laughed the hardest I ever have. Thanks to my good friend Perez (whom I learn something new from each day) I have discovered

So get this- it takes any blog or myspace etc and translates it into "Snoop Speak" for instance here is yesterday's post high on Snoop. Mind you- I detest the use of the "N" word so that is a bummer that it's used a lot but it is really funny to read your own blog in this manner. Wow people have a lot of time on their hands!


"Target is blunt-rollin' so swanky. Hizzle is some hot new picks T-H-to-tha-izzat I found while scop'n out tha dot com . Wussup to all my niggaz in the house. And fo` tha record incase any one is going ta git pissy `bout me not writ'n enough `bout in-store merch- I dizzay have all friggin day ta go ta tha store so sometizzles I write `bout W-H-to-tha-izzat I find online coz tizzy I can link you ta it silly!

52 Game Set Clockin' fab glasses frizzom
notNeutral)Is 4 enough fo` gangsta? I don't K-N-to-tha-izzow- I hizzy neva played to increase tha peace. Let me rephrase that, I have played I jizzy don't pimp K-N-to-tha-izzow W-H-to-tha-izzat I mean? Or a rous'n gizzle of A-hole!!! Ahh mah college days- peace out ta all mah Tri-Sig sista's - LOVE YA ( i am currently drug deala I swear) , niggaz, better recognize."

        Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Designing Minds

Department: Design Candy

Target is getting so swanky. Here are some hot new picks that I found while scoping out the dot com. And for the record incase any one is going to get pissy about me not writing enough about in-store merch- I don't have all friggin day to go to the store so sometimes I write about what I find online because then I can link you to it silly!

52 Game Set (using fab glasses from notNeutral)

Is 4 enough for poker? I don't know- I have never played. Let me rephrase that, I have played I just don't remember- know what I mean? Or a rousing game of A-hole!!! Ahh my college days- peace out to all my Tri-Sig sista's - LOVE YA ( i am currently sober- I swear).

Flexi Futon- Be the first on your block

There are some really cool color combos for this thing and it does all sorts of tricks. Speaking of tricks- word of advice never buy a second hand futon...... buy new! Only $189.

Incase you thought your bike tires were lame: Speedblend Ruffy Tuffy Tire

This one reminds me of a HOT song from one of my all time fave bands- if I gave up the band I would be giving up my city and state so let's save that for another time BUT the song is called "Pink Huffy" It's too good.

Clock Watchers We Need Your Help

Department: Desperate Pleas

Recently we received this email from a desperate woman in search of a must have clock sold at Target Stores. Merch moves quick at Target we know but if you work there or have seen this or have any advice please email us at slavetotargetATyahoodotcom

Now for the message:

"I've been looking for this clock at every Target store I can find and I've been searching the Internet for it, but with no success.

The clock is a round clock that has a ceramic frame. The frame is tiered, where the frame starts out larger and gets smaller with each layer of the frame until it reaches the face of the clock. The face is an antique cream color and is trimmed in silver or chrome. The back of the clock has a felt-type of back to it. It has a thing on it so you can hang the clock on a wall and it also has a frame stand so you can put it on a shelf or table, etc. Absolutely nowhere on the clock, front, back, inside the back (if you take the felt backing off), is there a brand name, item number, manufacturer, etc. Oh, the hands are black and the numbers are black. Do you think you can possibly help me find this clock. I've never been so stuck on an item like this before in my life and I've got to have it. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated."

        Monday, February 06, 2006

UPDATE- Hold Tight

Department: Having a RED HOT BLOG Romance

Can you say- "new hot blog" ???? All together now- "NEW HOT BLOG!!!!"

Have you ever had a crush on someone you have only emailed with? Well that is how I feel about my new RED HOT crush on blogtastical master of blog facelifts- Christopher Green

Our stylish friends at Delight turned us on to the magical wonder that is Chris Green and we love and thank him as I am sure you do too. Don't you love the new look of the site?

On a side note and getting back to business I decided to enter the word "love" in the search box at A funny thing popped up- I guess this is for sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows while camping? Too Cute!

The Inflatable Loveseat by Coleman

random- I know