Friday, October 24, 2008

I know I'm old but...

Department: Fashion Police

... this is ridiculous. What in the frickety frack is with all the leggings at Target? I just did a search on to find a couple pairs of particular heinous ones I've seen in store recently, and I came up with 175 --yes, one hundred and seventy freaking five -- results!

Let's start with these:
Black. Lame. Leggings. There should be an accent there, btw... although they are pretty lame, so I guess it works either way. And no, they weren't in the Halloween section as part of a "Sandy from Grease" costume. They were hanging in the Junior's section. Right along the aisle. Like they actually wanted people to see them. Where exactly would one wear these? Oh! And apparently they also come in gold and silver. Shoot me now... my brain hurts just thinking about it.

And now my eyes hurt right along with it, after finding these little beauties. The ones I saw in the store were white with a floral print similar to this. But, riddle me this... who can wear these and not have their backend look twice as big as it is in real life. Listen to me and listen good. Printed leggings are never, ever, ever a good idea. Not that leggings in general are the smartest fashion move (I don't care what Lindsey Lohan says), but printed leggings are particularly bad for your figure.

I do feel a little confession is necessary. I owned several pair of Liz Lange maternity leggings last year around this time when I was a mere month away from birthing a 9lb. 6 oz. baby boy. But I didn't like it. It was truly, for me, a last resort, and I only bought them out of sheer desperation because none of my other pants would stay up.

But other than the girls section, where it's cute to pair up leggings with dresses and tunics for the under-12 set, I really feel like there's no place for leggings. Certainly not in more than 100 different styles!!!

And if you are young and didn't live through the leggings craze back in the 80s, just take my word for it. You are going to look back at pictures of yourself and curse the fashion gods for trying to convince you that shoving your bottom half into a sausage casing as a good idea.

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        Monday, October 20, 2008

Target Rescue My Kid from My Un-Festiveness at Halloween

Department: Halloween

Yes Un-festiveness is a word. I just made it up.

I am not festive, everyone knows this. I am also the worst mom ever because my 14 month old still doesn't have a Halloween costume.

Has anyone found anything cute at Target? Please leave comments. Target employees please weigh in and tell me where in the store to look. She is 14 months but probably needs a 18-24 month costume. We live in a cold climate so I am looking for something warmer than a fairy princess or something. Her big sister is going to be a Hamburger. Anyone see a small Ketchup or Mustard outfit? There are not many more shopping days until Halloween. In fact we actually need something by this Saturday the 25th!