Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Madge I Soaked Em'

Department: Housework

How much do I need these? There are no words

        Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Have Yourself A Naughty Easter

Department: Naughty Things

So Target's very own PR peeps (haha peeps - get it) were supposed to send me samples of the glorius and wacked out Easter stuff that you may have noticed has sprung at your local Target store. There are crazy, naughty bunnies everywhere and it's all very festive. They did not send me samples so I don't know much from a consumer standpoint, but I find the new items at the stores to be very cute and if I were more festive I would decorate my house in naughty bunnies.

Meet the Naught Bunnies

Send a naughty e-card

We're In!

Department: Self Promotion

I have been so bad about keeping up with all of the lovely folks who write about this site and include us in your own blogs/sites/papers etc.

Most recently STT was selected to be a part of and I thank them for it!

Does anyone know anybody at 60 Minutes? Now that my gal Katie is going over there I hope that she will show some Target Love and get us on her show. I think that is the show where there is a guy who reports on blogs. Katie loves Target, she said it on the air, so Katie- show us some love!

        Monday, April 10, 2006

Driving Me Crazy

Department: Shoes Shoes Shoes

Is it me or have these Isaac driving mocs been on the scene for about 2 years? They are part of the Isaac 2004 collection but are still around- is this because they rock? Am I missing something? Thoughts on the mocs ladies. I would enjoy a pair of driving mocs but these seem wide...