Thursday, August 23, 2007

This just in...

Department: Breaking News

I have a friend who works for Target Corporation and she just sent me this via email... Looks like there's a little something for everyone's jewelry tastes in this new collection!

New Jewelry Designer Now in Stores

(8/22/07) With the days of summer dwindling, Target is ready for fall with the season’s hottest accessories by jewelry designer Dominique Cohen.

Just like our GO design strategy, our limited-time offerings in accessories are driving sales and generating buzz.

Cohen’s collection, Dominique Cohen for Target, features classic and elegant styles with a feminine flair, making each piece truly unique.

Her high-end designs of 18-karat gold, gemstones and pearls have long been a favorite of stylists and celebrities, and pieces of her collection can be found at select fine department stores.
Target guests now have the opportunity to wear her one-of-a-kind designs for a fraction of the cost, with prices ranging from $20 to $60.

Jewelry by Dominique Cohen is now available in stores.

The collection includes lace-covered faux pearls and hand-cut and hand-painted glass cameos. Necklaces with multiple strands of chains are fastened together with hand-torn silk ribbon that ties for closure. Many of the pieces are created for mixing and layering – a trend-right look for the season.

To learn more about Dominique Cohen or to purchase pieces from her limited-edition collection only available at select Target stores, visit

Read more from CDPJ at her personal blog Charming & Delightful.

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner (and no one can put that line on a tee apparently)

Department: Legal

I SO knew that this would happen someday. The studio behind Dirty Dancing (you may have heard of this movie) is all in a tizzy because a few retailers have been using the famous "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" line on retail merchandise such as t-shirts etc.

I wonder if Target is in trouble over this? I bought a t-shirt late this past spring from the women's section at Target that was pink and it had Patrick and Jennifer (Johnny & Baby) on the front and then the famous line on the back..... My husband makes fun of me that I have a tee with Patrick Swayze's face on it but who could resist? He is such a bad boy.

Anyway read here about the lawsuit:

What do you think- do you think retailers and designers should be able to use any line they want from a movie? Doesn't it just bring more attention the great movie that Dirty Dancing is? Doesn't it make you want to go rent it and watch it over and over again? It brings out the 10 year old in me. I was in 5th grade when it came out. My parents wouldn't let me watch it..... but I found a way- oh yes I did.

        Monday, August 20, 2007

Leave it to Target to make the gift card cool!

Department: Gift cards

Have you guys noticed how many cute gift card options Target has these days?

I visited my local store yesterday to buy, among other things (many, many other things -- ugh!), a new baby gift. I made up a cute little lion-themed gift basket (the baby is a Leo, as am I) and threw in this card for the new parents to use to stock up on other fun, or necessary, stuff -- only my card left the "Your New Baby" area blank, so I could fill in said baby's actual name. How cute, right!?!?!

In addition to these other cute baby-themed cards:

They have product-specific designs:

Gift cards just for kids:

For new homeowners:


And cards to say thank you:

And those are just the designs for the cards you can purchase online. I know I saw more cute gift cards scattered throughout the store. I even saw some fun designs for college students heading off to college, though I didn't see those online.

I usually don't like to give gift cards, because I love to come up with clever gift ideas. But Target actually makes giving a gift card clever!