Saturday, September 08, 2007

meet my new friend, Alice

Department: GO: International

On a recent trip to my local Target, I noticed clearance signs on the Libertine pieces. Do my eyes deceive me? Does that mean we'll have a new designer's line in soon?

After a little investigating, I found out that in just eight days, renowned fashion designer Alice Temperley will make her way into Target stores across the country and into the hearts of new adoring fans in suburbia everywhere.

So say goodbye to Libertine and say hello to my new friend, Alice.

The Temperley line is a smidge more sophisticated than past lines (Libertine was more playful with its colors and patterns). And the muted color palette should appeal to a more broader base of Target fans.

Some of my favorites include:

A dress for a night on the town for under 50 bucks?!

Georgette Floral Halter Dress $49.99

You can't really see it in this photo, but I LOVE the polka dot ruffle shirt!

Polka-Dot Georgette-Crinkly Tie Blouse $29.99 Wool Melton Sweater Sleeve Jacket $49.99 Crepe Sailor Pants $39.99

The sweaters just scream autumn!

Outfit #1 Swiss Dot Blouse $34.99 Leaf-Print Sweater $29.99 Velvet Miniskirt $29.99
Outfit #2 Long-Stitch Sweater $44.99 Voile Ruffle-Front Dress $29.99 Striped Belt $14.99 Fingerless Gloves $14.99
Outfit #3 Voile Ruffle-Front Dress $29.99

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Soap & Glory

Department: Beauty

Buying something imported always boosts the coolness quotient. It could be the U.K. equivalent of Jean Nate, but slap a British flag on it, and I'm sold.

Fortunately, the line of Soap & Glory products (only in stores?) are worth the hype. I purchased the Calm One Calm All stress-battling bubble bath, and, without a moment's hesitation, the Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumper + gloss. I am happy to report that both products live up to their witty names.

Until now, this line of products,
created by Bliss spas founder Marcia Kilgore, have only been sold at a few select UK locations, and Barney's stateside. Now, they are available at our favorite store at a regular gal's price point. Keep calm and carry on.


        Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Fall Staple

Department: Women's Clothing

My new Fall staple ~ the Merona shirt dress. If I find something I like, and fits well, I have a tendency to buy en masse. So far I have incorporated the brown pin dot

and the blue/green stripe

into my wardrobe. The sateen feels very nice, and has a nice drape. These are not skimpy shirt dresses that need to be worn over pants - they look great on their own (and this coming from a ample-bosomed, hip-py kinda girl). The dresses look good with heels, but would look fabulous with the high heeled oxfords that are popular this season.

ebony be next?