Saturday, October 08, 2005

Did you even know..

what a krumkake is?

Me either. BUT of course you can get a Krumkake baker at Target. They want to make sure that at any moment that you may be craving this Scandinavian delight that you can have one. Complete with authentic wooden cone to mold your krumkakes. You can have two 5" golden krumkakes in 5 seconds apparently.

WRAP it up with the desk Target Corp. STT just got a mention on Wonkette. That is all I am gonna say.

Well maybe I will say this- I feel like Christian Slater's character in Pump Up the Volume (if you have not seen this movie you must- click below to get it from Amazon/Target) where he has that steamy/controversial night time radio show and no one knows it's him. It SO makes me forget that it is saturday night and I am doing this.

$13.48 at Target

        Thursday, October 06, 2005

You Light Up My Life

My first thought about this item was that it was somewhat tacky, but the more I look at it, the more I wish I had a place for it. This Purple Victorian Drop Light Chandelier would definitely add a modest amount of funk to your home. This light fixture is festooned with hanging purple glass and pink plastic beads. How cool!

Here’s another whimsical lighting option to add to your home. It is the White Grapes with Flowers Pendant Lamp. If I didn’t have cats that have the fixation to explore every object in my house I would love to put this fixture on a side table or my dining table. The lamp shows off large translucent pink flowers embellishing the sides. This would also make a fabulous addition to a young girl’s room. So pretty! Visit to see more of their hip lighting fixtures.

        Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Price Check On Vibrators!

This just in from a dedicated STT:

Target will stock SEX TOYS by the end of the month. Yes you heard me. SEX TOYS

Here is the article which details the alleged new merchandise.

No word if they will be available online and if I had a product photo you know I would post it.

Funny how the Target PR firms send me press kits about new furniture designers but not new sex toy designers. Do I detect an Isaac Vibrator? A Liz Lange for pregnant women who despise their husbands but still want to get it on while pregnant? HMMM pretty in pink with polkadots?

Suit Up at Target

Now I’m not of the male gender so I can’t say for sure what would make a good suit or not. I do believe that it should be comfortable and fit well. That being said I can attest to at least one respectable quality, the Merona's Men Classic 3 Button Blazer feels good. It has a good quality fabric lining and the outer fabric texture feels fine. But hey, what do I know about men's suits? But for all you men watching your spending habits, Target now offers Business Formal wear for men in varying suit separates. This includes dress shirts, ties, dress shoes, slacks and jackets.

We all know I’m a huge fan of Target’s line of clothing but I can only speak for the women’s apparel. Therefore if we have any male readers who have come across the Men’s Merona Classic 3 Button Blazer or any other Business Formal wear please share your comments. I’m curious to see if Target has indeed branched into Business Formal attire with success. Visit if you’re interested in probing what they feature.

        Monday, October 03, 2005

A Certain Big Box Retailer...

And I am not going to name any names, sent me their look book/press kit on a certain new designer who they would like us to chat up here at STT. (UM HELLO can we say desk please?) Anyway..

his stuff is super cool and fresh and we likey. Meet, Thomas O'Brien.

Now, meet his super cool fresh stuff:

A goblet that I could fit A LOT of wine in:

Dishes we dig

A super low super chic table

And much more. Check out Thomas O'Brien this fall at Target stores and It is all about "vintage modern" and that goes perfectly with everything, especially small budgets- I mean you have to have some left over for shoes right?

More Faux Fur

Okay it’s time for Faux Fur Part Deux. We did the boleros and the vests. Now is offering long jackets in fabulous faux fur. The Mossimo Black: Faux Fur Long Jacket comes in brown, black, and animal print. I did see these in my local Target store and they feel very soft. Of course I have no knowledge in regards in comparing the faux fur to actual fur, thank goodness, but they feel velvety enough to be comfortable and have the appearance of fur.

Another elegant long coat offered by Target is Merona’s Endless Sea Classic Long Wool Coat. This lovely wool coat is accented by a complimentary faux fur trim. This coat comes in four fabulous colors, ebony, garnet, latte and endless sea. Visit or your local Target store and get ready for the cool fall weather with more fab faux fur.