Saturday, August 13, 2005

Looky Looky

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandal knock-off much? Well I guess if you really LOVE the look of the famous (made famous by my girl Jackie O.) Jack Rogers sandals (see HERE for the real thing) but you don't have the cashola ( about $80 a pair) you can get the new Mossimo sandals at Target for a steal!

Hey, I am all for getting the look for less! I am wearing 4ct. faux diamond earrings as we speak and do you know how many people think they are real? I happen to own the real Jack Rogers Gold on Gold like the Target Faux pair below. I did pay $80 but that is because I am crazy. These are SO close to the real thing that I actually would be afraid if I were Target of a lawsuit. No joke.

Target Mossimo Paola Gold Stiched Thong $16.99. I say size up if you are going to order online. All Target shoes seem to be made for perfectly skinny feet.

        Friday, August 12, 2005

I poo poo the rain

"Humph. It is raining on me. I must do my poo poo and it is raining. Please cover me master."

Ahh the fabulous life of a dog owned and loved by a Slave To Target!

        Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jazz Up Your Bathroom

I’m on the lookout for a delightful bathroom accessories collection for my guest bathroom. My son is not old enough yet to claim it as his own, so it’s still mine to embellish! At I came across a charming Floral Jazz Bath Collection. The set includes everything you could think of for a bathroom. Items consist of toothbrush holder, soap dish, tissue box cover, wastebasket, shower curtain hooks, shower curtain, bath rug, and towel set. Each item is sold separately, but I’ll just take the whole set!

Each vibrant item can be found at


Well I would love a Tunic by TRB ( to those who live under a rock, that is Tory Burch- big fancy designer) but I have a little something that I like to call a mortgage that I have to pay each month. So that being said I like my tunic from Target just fine.

Get your tunic

Slaves salivate over hot rugs at Target

Erica from well we really aren't sure wrote us an email that she dug the hot rugs at We dig too and wanted to share:

Right now there is free shipping on the rugs too which is good because that is where most online shops "getcha" is on the rug ship costs. These suckers are heavy.

Flower Burst Rug $89.99

        Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cute Creature Comforts

In looking for a humidifier for myself I came across these adorable humidifiers from These animal shaped 1 gallon humidifiers offers whisper quiet actions and has an auto shutoff when the tank is empty. The humidifiers come in five delightful animal shapes. There is a panda [see above], dog, cat, frog [see below] and elephant.

Pick up one of these endearing humidifiers at Heck, they're so sweet I think I'll get one for myself!

        Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Giddy Up What?

Ok sorry to rain on the Issac parade but I really really need to get this off of my chest. In no way is this a anti-love of Target post but seriously- what is up with Jodphers? Riding boots? Are you serious?

I can't handle it. I am willing to wager that I will see a lot of these left over through the Fall at my local Target stores and on a sad rack with tiny red stickers saying $3.49 on them by the time the holidays roll around.

If you think that this style is a YEAH! Leave your comments below at the beep. IF you think this style is a NAY! Leave your comments below at the beep.

- The people at Target are watching so let's show them what Target Addicts really want. Hey, if I am wrong I will buy a pair and take a picture and show you my fat ass in the most unflattering cut I can imagine. If you bought these and you think you look HOT- send a pic and I will post it. We will give a prize to the hottest looking jodpher wearing Slave To Target.


See More of Isaac Mizrahi's Fall Collection

To add to the Isaac Mizrahi Fall Preview post are these delicious suede handbags by none other than Mr. Mizrahi himself. The delectable small camel hobo gives you a choice of how to carry this stylish accessory. Use the braided faux leather loops or snap on the faux leather strap to sling over your shoulder. Slip and zippered pockets inside allow you to easily store your cell phone and keys. The larger plum hobo offers the same features as its smaller companion but with just a little more carrying room.

Another chic contribution is the camel suede satchel that you can use everyday, whether for a day out shopping or a night out on the town. The bag comes with a zipper closure and slip/zip pockets inside for undemanding storage space.

Last but not least is the black suede tote. Soft genuine suede forms the classic tote silhouette for daytime and evening usage. Faux leather contrasting straps cross the front and back. Like the satchel, the bag comes with a zipper closure and slip/zip pockets inside for trouble-free stowage of a cell phone and keys.

These fashionable handbags by Isaac Mizrahi can be found at’s Red Hot Shop. Check out the Red Hot Shop for more of Isaac Mizrahi’s chic fall collection offerings.

        Sunday, August 07, 2005

Isaac Mizrahi Fall Preview

It's here! The Fall Preview collection from Isaac Mizrahi is now available at I've been waiting to see this ever since I read an article about Target's Runway Show. Yes, they had a fashion runway show in New York earlier. You go Target!

These are some pieces that I'd love to add to my wardrobe. Above you'll find Isaac's Patchwork Suede Skirt. Love the colors and love the suede.

For a fab night out I'd fancy wearing this black layered tulle skirt. Imagine getting this classy piece from Target!

On those days I'm feeling a little sassy, I'll put on my Isaac Mizrahi Taupe Microsuede Stiletto Boots. It would be so chic paired with a marvelous denim or cord skirt.

When the rain arrives, I'll be ready and stylish in Isaac Mizrahi's White Logo Rain Boots. Who cares if there are puddles all over the place? I know my feet won't get wet and still be stylish with these boots on my footsies!

Visit to see more of the Fall Preview from Isaac Mizrahi!