Monday, March 02, 2009

Thought Provoking Conversation

Department: Consumer Behavior

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a woman who owns a maternity boutique in our town. She said that she no longer carries the SkipHop diaper bags because they aren't "special" enough, since they are also carried at Target.

What do you think Target lovers? Do certain brands not seem special now that Target has private labeled them? Orla Kiley, Skip Hop, Liz Lange, Issac Mizrahi? Or would you buy them anyway? Are you just happy that they have less expensive versions at Target that allow you to say you wore Liz Lange during your pregnancy or that you own a Hayden Harnett bag when otherwise you wouldn't have been able to afford to?

Leave your thoughts at the beep. BEEP.

Chaia Suide Slip Ons- Where The Heck Are You?

Department: Shoes

Apparently there is wide-spread panic over these shoes. So why isn't Target getting/producing more?

If you google them there are posts all around the web about how much they rock. I saw them in person on another mom at the recent meet up I was at and I was going to steal them off of her feet when I had a pang of guilt and realized that if I did that she wouldn't have anything to wear on her feet outside in the cold.

Chaia Suede Slip Ons. I will refer to these as "Uggs Dakota Lite". They are the exact same thing, only a little bit cuter, and a LOT less $. Problem? They are only available in size 5. What is that all about?

WTF- Target- please someone from corporate, buying, sales, wherever- weigh in. Your STT wants a pair, size 8. Brown or Tan, let me know when you will be sending them to me. thanks.