Thursday, May 14, 2009

All That I Want To Get Across Here Is....

Department: Red Cart Romance

The only thing on the list was bread and cat litter. $165 later!!!!

Another Red Cart Romance.


  • Looks like my kind of cart minus the cat litter (no pets). I like to challenge myself sometimes with sticking to the list. I lose a lot.

    By Blogger Jen, on Thursday, May 14, 2009  

  • yeah, when Target came to Prattville, WallieWorld ceased totally to be ~ they were on their way out with us anyway, but Target sealed the coffin :)

    Came here via Evangeline's Vine and will return!

    By Blogger Nancy, on Saturday, May 16, 2009  

  • I had the same problem last week. Target "stole" $200 of my hard-earned dollars in 2 visits. The first time I went for a gift card for a graduation present (because who can't enjoy that?) and the second time I went for 1 pair of gauchos (and it turns out they were all sold out). :)

    By Blogger Bets, on Sunday, May 17, 2009  

  • ha. this is soooo something that happens to me pretty regularly.

    By Blogger Andie, on Tuesday, May 19, 2009  

  • This is sooo me. I go in for shampoo and wammo...full cart later...I leave defeated yet again!

    And I would swear that time speeds up when you're in there...

    By Blogger April Greer, on Tuesday, May 26, 2009  

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