Friday, November 04, 2005

You Must Love Her A Lot!

Ok so since the STT boyz have been giving us heat for not posting enough items for men, or not posting full coordinated ensembles I thought maybe they would appreciate some help in the holiday gift giving dept.

So Target has really helped you on online by breaking down gifts by price and then by who the recipient is. I did a quick search with you men in mind thinking "gifts for her" "under $15" because I suspect that you may be trying to get out on the cheap. There is nothing wrong with this- and I am meerly speculating here. If you are not as cheap as I suspect and you want to spend more simply change your search options.

Here is RedCartRomances top 5 under $15 categorized as only I can do with complete grace and classiness:

Your girl is a drunk: Wine Bottle Holder

Your Girl Is A Money Grubbing .......: The Bilz Box- give her a $10 and make her sweat. She has to get a tiny ball in a hole in order to get her $ out...that should keep her busy for a while.

Your Girl Has A GUT: ABS workout video

Your Girl Loves Her Dog More Than You: Doggie Clothing & Accessories

Your Girl Thinks She Can Pull Off A Fedora: Um, can anyone? K-fed doesn't count.

All gifts can be found HERE

        Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ties Are Sexy

So men are just coming out of the woodwork emailing us and claiming to be Slaves To Target and we just have to say "bring it on boys".

I think ties are sexy. I do however think that Target needs to get a few more swanky ties and they also need to make them in X-tra Long because I like my boys tall, dark and handsome.
I also like my man to be oblivious to my Target purchases and not make a big fuss about our consistent debits in our bank account due to my shopping addiction.

That being said, I like this tie and so for your STT men out there, here is your manly item of the week. It's only $16.99. Fancy.

Sound Response

If you would like to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and love to listen to great music, then pick up a copy of the audio CD Sound Response from Target. Sound Response is a compilation of 16 all-live songs by 16 talented artists. These artists include Green Day, Dave Matthews, Rob Thomas, Tori Amos, Jason Mraz [my favorite!], Kelly Clarkson, Staind, and more.

The best part about buying a copy is that Target is giving 100% of the profits to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Visit or go to your local Target store to see the playlist. Pick up your copy and you rock!

        Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Travelling for Women

Here are some fabulous looking travel accessories for women. The first item is a Laundry Bags for Dirty Duds – Set of 3. There are 3 laundry bags: dirty laundry, wet laundry, and a shoe bag. The wet bag has a liner for swimsuits and these bags would be great for traveling for yourself or for your family.

Now for the next item, I can’t tell you if this item is practical but it sure looks adorable. It’s a Trolley Case, basically a faux leather briefcase on wheels. How delightful.

Notice for the past decade how our luggage looks the same? It’s getting more and more difficult for me to spot my luggage among the countless black luggage pieces. Sometimes I’m tempted to find a fluorescent green luggage set but I remember I still have some taste left. What helps me in the meantime is putting some flashy luggage tags on my bags so that I can recognize them in a flash. Something like these Small Smiley Face Luggage tags in Hot Pink. The rubber badges are easy to spot from far away and there is room for you to write your relevant personal information. They come in a set of 4 and they are also available in bright orange, yellow, and green. These tags are available in size small and jumbo.

Visit to see more of their Travel accessories for Women.

        Monday, October 31, 2005

X-Ray Clock

Okay I can’t think of a good reason to buy this clock other than if you’re looking for a unique way to find out what time it is. How bizarre is this X-Ray Projection Clock from You can see right through this apparatus and inside sits an analog clock next to a magnifying glass. This eccentric gadget uses its mirrors and halogen lamp to project the time onto your wall, poster, whatever. There are instruments in the clock to make the image bigger or smaller, whatever you desire. Go to for this conversation-starter.

Deep Fried Balls

I heard recently that if men are having fertility issues they may be able to attribute it to using their laptop too much and actually resting it directly on their lap. The heat from the laptop warms up their testicles and the rest is up to your imagination.

How about this from this weeks Red Hot Shop? The LapSurfer:

• Mobile desktop/tabletop with beanbag bottom • Clear 20x12" plexiglass top • Use as desktop or TV tray for travel, writing surface, or lumbar support • Foam ball-filled beanbag with colored pompoms mixed in, forms nicely to your lap • Lightweight

ALSO: it looks like Target is catching to this whole BlOG=POWER thing. They have now implemented a way for Red Hot Shop devotees to get an RSS feed of the latest additions to's Red Hot Shop. Pretty nifty Target! If you have an RSS feed (of course you do, since you get the STT updates already) you can copy this URL into your feed to be updated by PUH-lease promise you will come back to read STT though. Promise? K :