Saturday, August 19, 2006

Paul & Joe Sweater

Department: GO

So while most of the Paul & Joe line at Target is not as exciting as I thought it would be, this sweater is a little eye catching. I haven't seen it in person. Opinions? Thoughts? Sure it looks good on the model but then again, what doesn't? Notice how they never show the models faces? I think that they don't exist. I think these are computer generated perfect bodies that make all of the Target clothes look great. However when you get in the fitting room it's an entirely different story.

candy candy candy I can't let you go

Department: $1 spot

There are still some things in the $1 spot that are only $1. That is the cute small lunchbox es of candy. Smarties, dubble bubble pails and hot ball pails, LOVE it. Bought like a dozen of these. Otherwise I loathe the current $1+ spot collection. Hello Target- switch it up.

I wish I had a photo of the dubble bubble pails, they are so cute. Go to your $1+ spot and check it out. Scoop them up before everyone else does!

        Monday, August 14, 2006

Target to have giant Tea Party?

Department: Things that make me go Hmmm

One of our beloved fans who is a blogger in her own right sent us an image that has us wondering too if Target is going to move into the old Filene's Basement in Boston. She thought maybe this was the case when in the area of the iconic store this past week she spotted what could only be described as an odd event. Scooters bearing Target logos....

They look like Chariots to me, very greek, very sexy! Just kidding.

thanks Always Anna for the picture!