Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just my tiara and I

Yesterday someone told me to "wear my tiara and rock on" and I think I will do just that. Oddly enough, Target carries a Tiara...... well why wouldn't they?

I am going to go there tomorrow and get a tiara and some rubber maid bins. Today the hub (that is husband, for all of the grammar whores) and I were at Home Depot, he likes to pretend he is the Vince Vaughn character from Old School and put our daughter in her Bjorn and go to the Home Depot and BBB. So anyway- their bins were super A$$ expensive so there was no way I was buying any there. I said, "no thanks I am headed to Target"!

        Friday, July 29, 2005

A Guide To College Bedding

I went to college. A big fancy private college. I had some good times so you should listen up when I talk college bedding as I have seen a lot ( edited due to grammar whore) of it. If you are headed to college pick your character and the bedding from Target that goes with. If you have been to college and lived in a dorm or house you know what I mean. I love all of the bedding at Target, each in a different way.

Ms. Innocent:
This girl is a virgin ( not that there is anything wrong with that). She is perfect. Her daddy got her into the school and everyone knows it. Please don't sit on her bed.

Ms. School Sprit:
Hip Hip Ho-shut up you stupid cheerleader. Get your bright ass bedding out of our shared room, it's ( edited due to grammar whore) screwing up my feng-shui.

Ms. Came to College To Get Laid:
She is a devil with a red duvet on.

Ms. Gonna Get Made Fun Of:
Need I Say More?

Ms. Trend:
You are so cool. You drink lattes and read this blog. I salute you.

PS. Oh and to the grammar whores, I said I went to a big fancy college. I did not say I graduated. I can un-capatilize and un- punctuate if I want. heck I may even make up my own words..... it was good enough for Forbes.

Whew I Just Made it Under $100

My son and I went to Target yesterday with the intention of only buying some paper towels and disposable bibs. My intentions were thrown out as soon as we started browsing.

My purchases yesterday include ...

Stadium Blanket ~ all weather blanket for our trips to the park
Magazine Rack ~ trendy magazine rack in their "Back to College" series
Notebooks/Portfolios ~ from their "Back to College" series
CD Case ~ from their "Back to College" series
Receipt Box ~ from their "Back to College" series and to store all of my Target receipts!
Travel Size Tylenol
Travel Size Soap Slips
Travel Size Band Aids
Chic Notebooks in their $1 Spot section
.... last but not least for my adorable son ...

VTech Crazy Legs Learning Bug - Photo courtesy of VTech

If you're fortunate to live near a Target store, stop in to check out their "Back to College" series. I wish there were pictures on the Target site. There are oodles of marvelous items from school supplies, bedroom gear, to bathroom accessories in amazing palettes and designs.

Also you may want to glance through their $1 section if your Target store has one. I must have picked up heaps of notebooks for a $1 each. Right now they have items such as body lotions, notebooks, notepads, baby books, puzzles, insect repellant, and other accessories in matching patterns.

My thoughts leaving that Target store .... going in with a list is such a waste of time and browsing in a Target store is hazardous to my wallet. But in my anguish I have to be strong ... my husband needs deodorant so it's off to Target again once more!

Gadget Chic

I haven't jumped on the iPod bandwagon, but I'm sure many of you have. I hear it's a great investment, so why not protect that asset with this stylish iPod cover, the Cosmic Flowers iPod Case from The case is decorated with retro flower patterns and a hint of the trademark bullseye. The case includes a lobster clasp so that you can conveniently clip it onto your belt or bag or use the red strap so you can wear it on your wrist. A transparent plastic window allows you to see your screen and without putting a nick on it. This fashionable iPod case fits standard iPods. This item will be available from on July 31, 2005. Put your order in today and it will be shipped upon availability.

        Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vertical Fashion Show

So yesterday morning was watching the Today show. Well no, actually I had it on in the background and when I heard Katie Couric say that Target was her favorite store I ran over to the TV to see what was up.

She was standing there with a very important man from Target Corp who's name has unfortunately slipped my mind because I was more boggled at Katies use of the word "Tar-jay" to his face. Slighty unclassy Katie. Anyway I don't call it Tar-Jay. If you want you can I won't get mad.

I was looking around the Today show website, because I was trying to find the footage of the FABU vertical fashion show they did of the fall clothing lines ( minus the Liz Lange, as the very important man from Target said, it would be wrong to have pregnant ladies scale buildings). I don't see it on the Today website. They would rather talk about Diane Lane and her predictable romantic comedy with John Cusack who while cute and mysterious seems to be difficult.

Maybe they will put the footage on their website soon. Maybe I missed it and so if you see it send it in to All in all it was very interesting. Skilled professionals donned Targets upcoming collection which in itself is cute and mysterious. Let's just hope the jeans are not difficult to get into.

I saw denim, down vests and more. Just please do us a favor and don't do denim vests, that would be so wrong. I think that target should have had the slaves go on and do a fashion spot but that is just me. I would scale a building for Target.

Angry Little Girls

Let's all say hello to Kim, the Angry Little Asian Girl. Don't let her sweet looks fool you, she's a pistol with a mouth to match, and complete with shaking fists to emphasize the attitude. If you push her the wrong way, you'll also get an earful of Kim's catchphrase, "Sometimes I get so angry!". Kim is presented on a red canvas tote bag as seen above.

Another Angry Little Girl is the girl who has it all, beauty, charm, a well manicured mane, yet with all this, she's never pleased. Let's all give a warm welcome to Deborah, the Disenchanted Princess. Deborah is shown below on a soft pink canvas tote bag, uttering her foundation of disenchantment, "It's not easy being a princess".

Visit to bring these two Angry Little Girls home, don't be weary, their bark is probably worse than their bite.

        Wednesday, July 27, 2005

From the mouths of slaves

So today was nuts. First we lost all of our past posts on this here loverly blog. We were so devestated but we re-grouped and were very excited to see that Forbes wrote us up as a top blog! Whoo HOO!

This nice day tee shirt says it all. Target really does think of everything huh?

This tee is a good way to say "don't press the wrong button on your computer"

The Shift Happens tee.

Thanks for all of your lurve and support. We are so glad that you dig our blog. - The Slaves

Dress Up

Used to be growing up I'd play dress up with Barbie, but these days,
dolls are not the only thing we're dressing up.
It appears to be one of the latest trends going around these days,
but the new accessory appears to be man's best friend.
If you are one of those that lavish your canine companion
with apparel better made than my son's clothes, then don't
forget to check has available a wide
collection of various jackets, pj's, sweaters, shaggy chenile, and
even a tutu! How lovely!

Hula Your Way to Style

If I had arms like Angelina Jolie, hell,
if I had the whole body, I just know that
this adorable tank from Mental Ink Design
would be an essential part of my wardrobe.
Especially since the weather has been such a
scorcher lately, I know the Laughing Girl Limited
Edition White Tank will keep me cool. This
ribbed white cotton tank is printed with Laughing
Girl's joyful fair-haired insignia stylishly
dressed in a hula skirt. Visit's Red Hot Shop for this tank
and her sister tank, Laughing Girl Limited
Edition Vintage Tank. Mahalo!

Forbes Thinks We Rule- Sorry our site went away

We are super sorry for the technical difficulties! All of our site work went bye bye on a technicality so we are starting over.

OMG Forbes Thinks The Slaves Rule

We can't use the logo here because they want us to go through a bunch of red tape in order to be able to put up the simple "best of web" seal of approval so F that and we took it down.

Slave To Target:
Who better to blog about the bulls-eye bazaar than two Target addicts, self-described work-at-home moms who "can't go into your [Target] store or shop online without dropping at least $100" and then "hide the stuff in the car and wait for our husbands to fall asleep before we sneak it in the house." These denizens religiously scour Target's retail and online aisles for items from the useful (water purifiers, baby movement sensors) to the fashionable (a pink leather laptop carrier with black-and-white polka-dot interior) to the unusual (carnivorous plants). Though only in existence since May 2005, the blog's comments and feedback reveal the legion of Target fanatics out there.

BEST: Spotlights little-known store features like fresh food items (tiramisu and cannoli from New York's Ferrera Cafe) and its weekly Red Hot Shop section highlighting hip goods like wrapped wood bangles and two-strand necklaces.
WORST: Like going into a store with no signs on the aisles. Needs categories to browse by.

Thanks to for telling us about this press.