Thursday, August 09, 2007

Horsin' Around

Department: Accessories

Do you ever get in weird "theme" shopping mode? You start with one pair of polka dot ballet flats, and one day you look in your closet and it looks like you've been shopping exclusively at Clowns R Us.

I'm kind of in that mode right now, with horses. It started with this necklace

It takes me back to a time of Breyer horses, culottes that I insisted were jodhpurs, and the undying hope that this year might be the one when Santa *finally* brings a pony (to my house in the heart of suburbia).

Now that my pre-teen horse love has been rekindled, I am also dreaming about this bag

and this (Libertine) shirt

This bracelet is already in the virtual Target cart

{sigh} As a thirty-something woman, I guess I need to rein in the horse love a bit (pardon the pun). This would probably be too much

This however -

Still seems oddly appropriate...


celebs don't just shop at Target

Department: Libertine craze hits Tinsel Town

...apparently they buy some clothes there too!

CDPJ wrote about Rachel Bilson shopping at the big red box.

But it seems some Hollywood sweethearts not only buy their necessities there. Some celebrities can be seen wearing their Libertine for Target pieces out for the paparazzi.

Kate Bosworth (think Superman Returns and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!) was recently sporting a $17.99 Libertine dress, adding her own personal touch to the dress.

I know I have not been a staunch supporter of the Libertine line. But it's refreshing to see Hollywood (remember The Next Food Network Star finale?) not afraid to show fashion at all levels and prices.

Just proves Target is a place for everyone!

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        Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Deck Your Walls

Department: Decor

Is the wallpaper craze still alive? It's hard to keep up with such things. If designers had their way, we'd be changing our home decor as often as we change our panties. Well, I personally still think the modern, bold graphic wallpaper is pretty hip. Then, just the other night my hubby thought he was really on to something when he wondered aloud if wallpaper was ever going to make a come back. And I thought I was out of touch...

Graham & Brown is a UK designer of cool, modern wallpaper - and *of course* they sell through Target online. The styles range from 70s throwbacks

to modern minimalist graphic designs

But -- I'm still partial to the classic forest mural

Reminds me of the mural in the Burger King we frequented back in the day...

For those of you that are afraid of committing to a interior design trend that could leave you scrambling for the steamer tomorrow when your favorite designer says wallpaper is sooo out of date, you might try Wall Pops

Small, repositionable wall stickers. Maybe you can change your decor as often as you change your underwear?


        Monday, August 06, 2007

Best $20 I Ever Spent

Department: Bargain Shopping

So, I had an idea a few weeks ago for a STT post challenge. I ran it past RedCartRomance and she agreed, so here goes. What is the best $20 you ever spent at Target? It could be one item or a series of items that add up to roughly $20. Guest posters, share your stories, and readers, leave yours in the comments. Here's mine:

Earlier this summer, we wanted to get a kiddie pool for our 2 1/2 year old. But since we live in a condo with a shared yard, we had to find one that we could easily take down and store. Leave it to Target to give us the perfect solution. This pop-up pool has been such a treat for us this year! And for only $20.99 you couldn't ask for a better deal. It's so easy to put up, then take down and store, and it's perfect for one little dude and an occasional friend. If you tried to put four kids in it, as shown in the picture, they wouldn't be able to do much other than what those kids are doing -- sit around and look cute -- but it's more than big enough for my little guy and his fleet of boats. I know I could have paid a lot less for a kiddie pool if we'd gone for one of the hard plastic ones or an inflatable one, but they wouldn't have been nearly as convenient to store/easy to set up. And, for one, am not one to hestitate spending a few more bucks for convenience's sake.

So, fellow Slaves, what's the best $20 you ever spent at Target?

(CDPJ also blogs at Charming & Delightful)