Friday, September 21, 2007


Department: Advertising

Have you guys been receiving the fabuless mailers?

I assume the ads are some type of direct marketing promo for frequent shoppers. I do not have a Target credit card,
and though I do look at Target online a lot, I have never bought anything from the website. I do use my debit card when I go to Target (um - several times a week), so my purchases and shopping frequency are undoubtedly cataloged and recorded.

With the assumption that these mailers are sent out in limited numbers, I am left to wonder how I rank at my store? Is there another Target obsessed gal in my area who out shops me? One security guard salutes me when I come into the store, and some of the managers recognize me as well. So, I'm thinking I'm damn near the top of the list. OK - maybe that's not something to brag about...

Anyway, I do enjoy the fabuless circulars. Though I've already seen most of the items in the store or online by the time they come out, there is always something new to consider. The pictures are fun - more like a high end store's ad than something you would see for a typical big box store. And there's usually some type of coupon. Spending $100 at Target in the departments listed on this coupon? Hm...chump change...