Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Help A Girl Out

Department: snacks

A STT reader writes in with this. Help her out if you can-

"I NEED...really ARcher Farms (target brand) Cajun Party Mix It used to be in the front aisle next to the cashiers...then they put in halloween stuff and it's mysteriously all our targets..??? I asked associates in both stores and they told me it must have gone on clearance...BUT, there were so many left? I follow a strict eating plan and don't do hydrogenated is one of the few snacks that do not have it.

Can anyone tell me if they have it? I would be willing to pay for a few jars plus extra"
- L in Ohio


Department: Clothes

One of our readers wrote in with this and I think it's genius. If only Britney Spears could recite this mantra when she looked into her closet each morning. WWAW (What Would Audrey(Hepburn) Wear?)

Here are the links to some items the reader suggests:

This is what I ask myself almost every morning before I get dressed. . .What would Audrey (Hepburn) wear?