Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not cool enough fo GO International

So, the new GO International line is out, and the comments I've seen are mixed. However, I have an even bigger problem with the new Libertine line - it's not in our store!

Apparently, Target has gone from having the GO International in all its stores to having it only in most of its stores. Well, I guess my town is not cool enough for GO International, because our store is not selling it anymore.
It started with the Patrick Robinson line, which I wasn't that excited about, so I didn't really think that much about. I rationalized that it seemed like a smaller line than the previous ones and it was very "beachy", with lots of swimwear and such, so it made perfect sense not to sell it my local town, which is very far from any beach. I was hopeful (and probably in denial) that they would have the next line in my store.

So, I go on Monday, knowing that they probably wouldn't have the new Libertine clothes and unfortunately, I was right. This is disappointing to me because, not only was I interested in some of the Libertine stuff, but I was looking forward to some of the upcoming designers. While my luck with the GO International stuff has been a little hit or miss, I really like that it represents what I like best about Target - designer and innovative style available to the masses at affordable prices.

In some ways, I can't blame them for not selling it at our stores anymore - there was always quite a bit left when it went on clearance. (Except, of course, for the item I wanted in my size!) I guess here in Wyoming, we are not cool enough to handle designer fashion.

Anyway, I decided I really wanted some of the Libertine items, but my only option seemed to order something online, which is scary because I have no idea how things would fit or look in person and I've always had terrible luck ordering clothes online. However, I was determined to get a couple of things, so I scoured the reviews posted on Target.com, even looked on eBay to see if people had any of the Libertine items for sale with "in person" pictures so I could get a better idea of how they looked, and picked my 2 favorite items, ones that I had fallen in love with back when I first saw the preview photos.

I will give you my review when they arrive - I'm too nervous to tell you what I got until I have tested them out!

In the meantime, I'll give you my two cents about what I think about the Libertine line - I think in general that it is more grown up and practical than some of the previous designers (fewer miniskirts!) with a little added edge and creativity, but some things cross the line into a little ridiculous, especially the way they are styled in the photos online. There are many preppy or nautical looking things that also have skulls, which I get in theory as being kind of a juxtaposition of preppy and edgy, but really, I just don't personally get why anyone would want to wear skulls.

I'll leave you with a few of the items I'm trying to make up my mind about - let me know what you think. . .

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  • Personally, I like the skull tee shirt and the duffle bag's whale and skull motif.

    However, some of the collection is definitely absurd -- especially the mini skirts.

    They might work for a 12 year old, but for most girls they are too "childish"

    I agree that most of the collection has a more mature flare, whick I find to be a good thing as many of us like me are past high school and college, but still want to look stylish.

    My local Target carries a limited array of "GO" items, so I always do most of my ordering online.

    If I am between sizes I buy a couple and return the one that does not fit. Target has a very generous return policy.

    Another "good" thing about the GO collection -- it seems that with Patrick Robinson and Libertine that designers have finally figured out that some of their sizing was not right for most "normal" people.

    Now I can wear a size Extra Small to Small whereas in the Proenza and Behaz collections, I was having to buy a size 7 to 9 and even a Size Large in the Proenza Bustier!

    I am most excited about the upcoming Erin Fethersen collection.

    One more observation: It seems Target is increasing prices on the GO collection begining with the Alice Temperly collection.

    As long as the clothing line is well made, this is not a problem for me.

    I found Paul and Joe items to be very, very poorly made. Many actually disengrated after only two wears and very careful handwashing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on Saturday, July 21, 2007  

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