Saturday, January 14, 2006

Delight Loves Us Encore!

So we got another write up on Delight which is just delicious. I think delicious is my new fave word and Delight is my new fave site. You should check it out!

They think my sweatpants are sexy too!!! Thanks Delight!!!

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        Friday, January 13, 2006

I Got a Craving for a Ballpark Dog

Now that football season is almost ending does that mean that baseball season is upon us? Ah but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I was never good with baseball anyway. But one’s thing for sure I do love a good hot dog. I don’t know if it’s the atmosphere or if it’s because it’s just the thing to do, but I always eat a hot dog whenever I go to a game. Nothing beats a ballpark dog. Target believes they have the answer for those of us that don’t have season tickets to your favorite baseball team. It’s the Ballpark Rotisserie and Bun Warmer. This contraption makes baseball stadium style rotisserie grilled hotdogs. It also has stainless steel spikes to warm up those ever important buns. So get ready for the baseball season or summer, whichever comes first with the
Ballpark Hot Dog Rotisserie
and Bun Warmer

        Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fun Stuff At the $ spot this week & Pier One You Better Watch OUT!

First of all, no idea what all of you are talking about, my Target does not have cupholders on the carts, I even asked. Starbucks. Check. Cupholders. NO.

The $1 spot is out of control delicious this week. Eiffel Tower wine stoppers, little dishes etc that say fun things in French, tiny forks for Fondu- it's amazing. The V-day selection is super fab too, I don't know that I will be sending out cards but if I do I am going back there to get some. I think that I still have time.... tick tock tick tock.

Watch out Pier 1. The Global Bazar has hit. Ok, Ok, I know this stuff is made in other countries, countries that deserve to make money off of our style and our desire to own these hot products but the prices are a little steep. I mean I LOVE this one pillow, it's silk and brown and pink but its $24.99! GASP. I just can't get it. It's a PILLOW. Anyway- too overwhelming, must go back and peruse the Global Bazar again.

I hope that for my wallets sake it's all on super discount in 3 months like my dear buddy, Thomas O'Brien. Do not know what happened there but OOH Honey! His Shizzle is down to red tags in the store, not online(yet) ... red tags people.

        Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How Much Do You Love US? Tell the WebBlog Awards!

PUH-lease nominate Slave To Target for the 2006 Webblog Awards. Nominations are only open until 10pm tonight so get your redcart loving butt over to

We love you for it!!!

The Dollar Spot

If you’re looking for recommendations for in-store shopping, then make sure you visit The Dollar Spot in your local Target store. I hope your Target store keeps that section updated. My local store now has some good-as-you-can-get-for-a-dollar items. I’ve bought a number of animal themed notepads for my niece, fabric-covered boxes for jewelry or small miscellaneous pieces, laundry bags, stickers, valentine themed pens/notepads, and so much more! I’m sorry there are no pictures, but Target doesn’t have any of their website. Though it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they did. Normally this section is by the entrances so keep your eyes peeled.