Friday, February 13, 2009

Orla! Orla! Orla!

Department: Housewares

I, like many other Target lovers, am anxiously awaiting the full release of the Orla Kiely line at Target (in fact I have held off on blogging about the line here as I was waiting to dazzle you with a pic of all the wonderful stuff I bought versus just linking to the website). So far my store only has a handful of the storage pieces available, but no dishes, and the serving pieces are what I am waiting for.

(Picture from Oral Kiely and Target via Decor8)

Looking at the Target website, it appears that the "Scribble" melamine plates will be sold in packs of four of the same color for $15.99. I was really hoping to get a set of four with one of each color - brown, orange, aqua, and green.

Unless someone can verify that the plates can in fact be purchased individually, would anybody be interested in doing a swap? I envision four of us would go in together to each buy a set of the Scribble plates, and then ship three of the plates off the other participants (or, they could all be shipped to one person and then redistributed to the others). That way we would all end up with a set of four plates in the four different colors.

Has anybody seen the serving pieces yet? Anybody interested in a swap?