Friday, May 15, 2009

A Prime Example of Why I Heart Target

Department: The Look for Less

You may wonder where I got my knack for savvy shopping. It is all because of my mother. She and I have been shopping together for a LONG time.

The other day she came over to watch my youngest for the morning and I complimented her on her new white enameled chain link (or braided as they are calling it from Merona's collection) bracelet. She laughed and said "Well I got a coupon in the mail for (enter famous handbag company name here) and went to the mall. I saw a chain link enamel bracelet but it was too expensive- so then I was in Target and saw this and got it". I snapped the photo below with my Blackberry phone immediately as I said "ooh I have to blog about this"

There you have it. Another case of yummy Target delight! Why pay over $100 for a trendy seasonal piece that may break when your granddaughter pulls on it with excitement and glee? If you pay less than $15 (in fact online they have it in b+w for $4.48!) you can just run right out and grab another!

        Thursday, May 14, 2009

All That I Want To Get Across Here Is....

Department: Red Cart Romance

The only thing on the list was bread and cat litter. $165 later!!!!

Another Red Cart Romance.

Ahh, organization.

Department: Home

I couldn't WAIT for winter to be over here in upstate NY so that I could get all of our boots and crap out of our laundry room (where we usually put our shoes) and store them until next fall. My goal was to clean it up and find a shoe rack to keep the mess off of the floor. I also wanted something that the 2 little girls could use and get their shoes themselves when it's time to go outside.

I found this chrome rack by OrganizeIT! at Target. It was only $16.99 and very easy to assemble. I hate bothering my husband with getting a drill out and I don't enjoy drilling on my own (or being told that I did a crappy job). So voila! Our cleaned up laundry/mud room. I love it so much I got another one for the front hall closet!