Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hey Sexy Girlfriend

Department: Lingerie and things

I got this robe recently and it is surprisingly sexy. My husband says so anyway. It's nice and soft and white white. Matching nighties etc, go get em' gals!

        Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You really think that you need that ice cream?

Department: Target Humor

Think again!!! Just kidding, eat what you want. Just don't tell your refridgerator!

A fellow STT wrote in with this:

Refridgerator applique' that tells you what you need to hear.

        Monday, April 24, 2006

CRAP- I mean Crab

Department: Kitchen Kitsch

I don't like crabs enough to get this but I was intrigued by it. It got me thinking. I like crab, I eat it on occasion.....

What possesed someone to make a strainer for the sink or a drain stopper with a crab on it though? I don't see any other designs. It would make perfectly good sense if the designer made stopper/strainer sets with all sorts of decor choices but just crabs? How about a rooster, now that makes sense.

Oh wait, hold up- somebody did LINK TO DESIGNER STRAINER/STOPPER SETS - Flamingos, Cherries and University of Arkansas Oh My!

Okay okay- THIS is where I have my "are you F&!#ing KIDDING ME?" moment.

Oh my Target, how you always keep me wanting more.