Monday, February 25, 2008

Less candy - more veggies!


Every Spring I look at the kid's gardening supplies at Target and think, that would make a great gift for somebody. This year, I finally acted on my great idea and made gardening themed Easter baskets! I made one per family for our nieces and nephews, and included enough gloves (and sun hats for the babies) so everybody could help. Click on pictures to see notes about contents

Cute bugs

Creepy Crawlies

Jungle Boogie

Can you believe Easter is less than a month away? Yikes!!


Oops My Bad

Um, oops. I must have stuck this in my handbag when I was shuffling into the changing room and making the attendant swear to not giveaway my -cart which I had already filled to the brim with goodies. A few days later I found this tag that was totally not supposed to leave the premises in my bag.

Should I try and sneak it back in? Has this every happened to you? I mean seriously I have enough going on- if they want me to return this little card (smaller in real life) to the attendant they should attach a hanger or something to it. This just goes to show the "attendant" isn't doing much attending or she would have figured out that I still had it.