Friday, November 10, 2006

Too Jessica Tandy? LOL

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Hi there! I saw that you needed some filler-entries about the lovelies
to be found on the shelves at Target! I wanted to check in and ask....
Did you know about this?

I have never considered myself a leather glove person, they've always
been way too Jessica Tandy for me. However, I was stopped dead in my
tracks last week at Target when I walked in the front door and entered
right in front of the most exquisite pair of blue-green rhinestoned
cold weather gloves I have ever seen in my life. The length was long
enough to keep me warm, but cuts off right before the 'debutante ball
point. The corset looking details give them a racy, exotic feel and
the shiny embellishments show a feminine side. They are fantastic.
You know I broke out the AMEX for these babies, and I know you'd love

        Monday, November 06, 2006

Two Gifts to Buy, Twenty Bucks in Hand

Department: Guest Blogger

Two Gifts to Buy, Twenty Bucks in Hand... What's a Savvy Stay-at-Home Mom to Do?

You know that feeling you get when you're sitting around a kid's birthday party hosted and attended by "friends with money" and you don't want to look like a cheapskate when it comes time to open gifts?
I once again avoided that emotion (hopefully -- the truth will present itself tomorrow at Timmy's party) by buying my friend's 2-year-old a cool Doodle Pro just like this one:
At only $9.99, it's one of those great toys that's affordable but also HUGE enough to fool some people into thinking it cost more.

(Okay, so maybe this is just a little game I like to play in my own mind and everyone knows my gig is up..but hey, I don't want to sink further into debt trying to save face, right?)

Anyhoo, that left enough moola to buy a big ol' plain blue gift bag ($2.99), a little space boy birthday card (gotta love the .99 tag on some cards!), a beautiful "religious" card for my friend Erica, and a small gift for her birthday, which was yesterday:

So it wasn't this exact gift set (in fact, it was less expensive than this one...only $4.50 and sans candles --I'm really not cheap, I promise!) but I wrapped it up nicely and babysat her kids and she appreciated it all the same.
Gotta love Target to get you out of a gift bind when you need them.
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Blessings and love, Paula