Friday, December 02, 2005

Dip It

I can’t remember if it was on Oprah, but there was a well known interior decorator who made a comment about disliking when people have fragrant candles, plug-ins, etc … to freshen up their home. He mentioned that as long as your house is clean, then there is no need for home fragrances. I have to disagree. I mean I’m not sloppy and the house gets cleaned once a week but we do have pets and little ones, and well sometimes even though the house is spotless I could use a whiff of juniper breeze or lavender, or something other than ‘house’.

I haven’t tried these but I’ve heard great reviews about the fragrances. These are Blue Ilio Fragrance sticks in Summer Breeze. They are fragrance dipped wooden sticks that you leave out for that fresh heavenly aroma. These are ideal for spaces where you can’t burn candles. The sticks are said to last about 6 months. This particular scent contains bouquets of jasmine, red-rose, and white-lily with a hint of melon and citrus. You can control the amount of fragrance by flipping the sticks. offers these Fragrance sticks in an assortment of scents. It would make the perfect holdiay gift for friends and family.

        Thursday, December 01, 2005

STT needs your eyes!

So I may but nuts but did Amy Coe design a kitchen set for Target in her new line of toys? Has anyone actually seen this? Is this a figment of my imagination? Write us or comment below if you have a link to the kitchen set. A little girls happiness and a mothers crazy brain depend on it.


        Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Steer Towards This

Well if you’re tired of the standard white and you’re looking for something different … something that will stand out … then check out the toilet seat collection from Target. Who would have thought the variety of toilet seats available?

For you western fans out there is the Steer Head Skull Toilet Seat in Clear. [see above] Awesome.

For the little kid in you or for an actual little kid, there is the Hello Kitty Fabric Seat Cover and the SpongeBob Square Pants seat.

Check out the toilet seat collection at Target. Who knows you might actually find one you like. Personally if I was looking it would have to be the Seahorse Toilet Seat.

        Monday, November 28, 2005

The Holidays Rule

I am SO not festive. I am not the kind of gal that hangs a flag for every gosh darn holiday or special moment on my front porch and my Xmas tree goes up in later December and comes down in a hastily puff of neglected pine needles and swear words but I do DIG the whole Martha Stewart idea of making my home as festive as possible, I just wish it were easier.

Anyway I love these items from Target and wish that someone would come decorate my hizzie for the holidayz. I also wish someone would pay for it.

Mod Wreath $59.99

Merry Sloshmas Plates $14.99 per set of 4

Kegger at My House

Sorry just kidding, there’s no keg party at my house, but I’m sure since Target is selling kegs now everyone will be having parties. Ring in the holidays with The UberTap-D-System keg. Long gone are the hand pumped keggers, this one has a foot pump that can feed 3 taps at once. That means less waiting and we know how important that is.

The keg is made out of solid construction and a simple design that features an easy 1-step mechanism with minimal interruption. What that means is less foam, and who likes foam?

Fortunately for you beer lovers the D-System connects to kegs for Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Labatt’s, Molson and most other American beers. Cool ... Party on dude!