Friday, February 08, 2008

Bring on the rain

Department: Shoes

I have made many trips to Target in the past couple weeks and bought many home and family essentials... nothing really to write home about, so to speak. Until today..... I am going to have the cutest, driest feet in town thanks to my Pinky Plaid Rain Boots!

I went looking for a cute pair of boots today, and this was the only choice my store offered. Fortunately, I LOVE them, but if you don't and you're looking for some a-freakin-dorable boots of your own, check out (search "rain boots") -- the selection is fantastic!

        Thursday, February 07, 2008

Speaking of Navy....

Department: Women's Clothing; Isaac Mizrahi

So after the post about that ADORABLE trench, I remembered something that I saw on my last trek to Target- this cute, vintage inspired shirtdress from Isaac Mizrahi. On the hanger, this dress is very cute; the fabric seems pretty nice and luxurious- and I've been considering the purchase of it. It is $44.99 and should be available at your local Target store.

I think I may head to my local Target soon to try it on! I'll let you all know how it fits and if it looks decent on those of us who have "ample" backsides, as I'm thinking the pleats may not be such a good idea for my large bum and hips. But you never know! I do love the vintage look though. It has a very Jackie O feel to it. With some cute peep toe shoes or kitten heels and a little off white cardigan, it would make a cute outfit!

Have you seen this dress? Tried it on? Tell me about it if you have!


        Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh That's Right- There Is A Camera On My Phone

Department: Reporting

I somehow always forget that my crackberry uh I mean Blackberry has a camera on it. This is because my old BB didn't. Well now I have one and I was snaptastic Sunday at my local Target. Seriously 1/2 the reason for buying this house was the Target down the road.

So anyway (don't you love that I am always saying that?)-

Here are a few shots of -

1. the coat I bought. I LURVE it and posted about it down below. My 3 year old took this photo so puh-lease don't make fun.

2. the endcap ('cause you know I am ALL about them) of the Dwell for Target "circles" line. LURVE it too. Too bad I already did up the baby's nursery in something else. However- if you are looking for some baby gifts it's nice and cheap. I mean inexpensive. I am sure the quality is alright. Their bedding isn't exactly luxurious, it just looks that way.

3. 3 year old in a roughneck tote (only $4.99 WOOT) IN the cart. She kept the top loosely on for most of the ride as to make me look like I was talking to myself. Even one shopper asked me who I was talking to. She must not be as fun of a mom as I am.

        Monday, February 04, 2008

I Knew It! NAVY Is THE Color.

Department: Clothing

I just knew it. I had a craving for navy that started early last fall and it has now become apparent that I am a fashion psychic. Navy is IT. The new black, beige, the new everything. Last fall I purchased a nice Coach handbag that is their "ink" color (navy) and am so excited to match it all up with these new finds from Target:

From Mossimo- a HOT trench. Only $39.99

Preppy little Isaac sweater which I paid less for in-store