Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Red Glove Diaries


"I recently bought the most perfect gloves at Target. They were red yarn fingerless gloves with the mitten cover. But the most tragic thing happened. I lost the left one! Oh no! And even worse, no Target store in my area seems to have a pair. I love those gloves. I need a new pair. Would it be possible to do a Wanted Most Desperately Post?"

Well, KB from whereever you are from- there you go. We hope that someone out there can help you. Who knows maybe Target Corp can nail down a pair for you. Hey Target employees- email us at if you locate a pair of the above mentioned gloves and we will put you intouch with your desperate shopper.

New Bags ... Finally!

I go to my local Target store once a week and on every visit I stroll past the handbags. Just to see if there are any fresh releases of course. It seems like it’s been months since I last saw anything new, but today the sun was shining. Well actually it’s been cloudy all day, but to me, new bags is like a ray of sunshine. There were a number of new handbags available in different colors and styles. My favorite just released bags are the Mossimo Satchel in Bronze [shown above] and the Mossimo Bag Small Hobo in White. Naturally I bought these two handbags and they are now sitting in my closet hiding from my husband. He’ll never know!

        Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sit On This

Sitting here at the computer all of the time makes my butt hurt. I was looking for a new office chair but since I still do not have my desk the purchase is on hold. I did come across this fanciness though and wondered how comfortable it is for the price tag!! $599.00! For that price it should do all of your work for you! I like the look of it and the cushion looks, well, cushiony- which is what I am going for....

        Monday, December 26, 2005

weighing in

So since I consumed no less than one pound of seafood, 6 jack daniels/coke mixers, 3 pounds of chocolate, 1 pound of bread and 20 pounds of cheese over the weekend I woke up this morning even more obsessed about my fat A than usual. sure I could head to the gym ( if i could afford to belong to one and have a nanny on staff) but instead I sit here on my fat A and blog to the fellow STT out there.....

At there are several scales, one in particular struck me as being a little over the top. The Toddler Scale. First of all, as a parent I can speak freely about this issue and say a big WTF? Talk about starting your kid off on the wrong foot!

I am sorry but is the world really coming to this? If your kid is so big that you can't make it between their frequent pediatrician appointments without weighing them- there is a problem. If you are trying to have a 7 year old anorexic than fine, spend $99 on a scale......OR you could try holding them and weighing yourself then subtracting your weight to get a rough idea if you just have a healthy curiosity of their current weight. Otherwise, YIKES.

Who Said "Happy Birthday"?

Sing “Happy Birthday” without hurting your guest of honor’s ears with the Musical Revolving Cake Plate. Now I’m just referring to those of us that are a bit tone deaf. Because of my lack of vocal talent I usually just mouth the words, but if I have this cake plate I won’t even have to open my mouth. This cake pedestal lights up, twirls, and sings “Happy Birthday”. Not only is it eye-appeasing, it also takes the “has to” out of singing to the birthday person. Whew! Check out to get your musical cake plate today.