Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Know You Are Curious

Department: Food

You have seen the ads for Smartfood and the catchy packaging. Well there was a well merchandised end-cap of this yummy snack treat that I spotted during my last trip and $3 didn't seem like too much to try it out (trying it is my job anyway right?) so I did.

I chose the Honey/MultiGrain one because I don't dig Cranberry which was the other flavor option. Cranberry Almond to be exact. The Honey/Multigrain tasted less like honey and more like carmel which is alright with me! So it is like crackerjacks. No peanuts, just sticky popcorn that gets all stuck in your molars. Good stuff though. They call it health food, which is probably pretty true. Even the box is natural according to the promotional copy. The flavor I didn't see was Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan. I would have LOVED to try that. I wouldn't have had to stand and stare at the 2 other choices and decide which I wanted to try. There are 5 small bags in each box- natural box.

        Tuesday, May 05, 2009

When Kids Are Along For The Ride


Recently I was interviewed by a major magazine about my blog. They asked me many questions about the blog and my love for Target. One of them was if I had any certain process or ritual when enjoying my "Red Cart Romance" (going to Target)?

Immediately I said "I make sure if the kids are with me that we stop at the $1 spot". Now known as "See Spot Save". Sometimes items here are more than $1 but still, a couple bucks worth of distraction for the kids will make your shopping experience better. They so put that spot there on purpose for this exact reason. I am sure of it.

When I shop with the kids, or just one kid (when lucky), we hit the $1 spot and get a toy or notebook, or something that will keep them busy in the cart and be a "prize" for being good. So far I have never put anything back. We always leave with our trinket bought and paid for. It is funny that I was just telling the major magazine reporter about my ritual when my friend sent me some photos from her phone that exhibit exactly what I am talking about. See she knows the secret too! The text message photos were of her daughter who on a recent shopping trip at our favorite big box store, found herself quite distracted by some goodies at the $1 spot.

It took me a minute to figure out what she had held up to her eyes but then her mom informed me via text that it was dish scrubbers. So there you have it, you can get your Red Cart Romance on even with the kids in tow, you just have to be a bit adventurous!